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Applications for portable ozone generators

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Portable ozone generators are primarily portable and are suitable for use in families and some hotels. Convenient, easy to use, and cheaper than large portable ozone generators, most people accept it. For example, taking a portable ozone generator as an example, its applications and functions are as follows.


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l Applications for portable ozone generators

l How a portable ozone generator works

l Quality assessment of portable ozone generator

l Cost performance of portable ozone generator


Applications for portable ozone generators

The portable ozone generator can be applied to gourmet restaurants, hotel room purification, KTV smoke removal, alcohol removal, livestock sterilization, fresh deodorization of foods, fruits, and vegetables, laundry, pesticide removal, etc. I will. Freezing storage equipment Formaldehyde removal ozone machine. In addition to formaldehyde in the newly renovated room, air-conditioned rooms disinfect children's clothing, clean toys, and disinfect daily necessities. Disinfect domestic water to remove residual chlorine and heavy metals oxide in the water. Sterilization: Quickly sterilizes various bacteria and viruses and eliminates secondary pollution. Detoxification: Effectively removes pesticide residues in food. Deodorant: Removes musty odors, odors, smoke odors, drainage, dust, and other odors. Oxidizing: Increases the oxygen content of air and water. Health: Purifies the air and promotes metabolism. Preservation: preserve fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc.

How a portable ozone generator works

The portable ozone generator uses advanced physical oxygen generation principles to directly separate oxygen and nitrogen in the air under normal temperature and pressure through pressure adsorption of the oxygen tower to obtain high-purity oxygen. Then, ozone is obtained by using the corona discharge method. Gases containing oxygen are exposed to high voltage electric fields to generate corona discharges and generate ozone. When water and ozone are mixed in a gas-liquid mixture system, a constant concentration of ozone water can be obtained.

Quality assessment of portable ozone generator

The quality of a portable ozone generator can be judged from various aspects such as manufacturing material, system configuration, cooling method, operating frequency, control method, ozone concentration, gas source, and electric energy consumption index. High-quality portable ozone generator, high dielectric material, standard configuration (including gas source and purification device), 2-electrode cooling, high-frequency drive, smart control, high ozone concentration output, low power consumption, low gas source consumption Must be used.

Cost performance of portable ozone generator

High-quality portable ozone generators are done according to their standards, from design to configuration and construction materials, and the cost is much higher than low-grade and low-configuration generators. However, the performance of high-quality portable ozone generators is very stable and the ozone concentration and output are not affected by environmental factors. Low-configuration portable ozone generators are greatly affected by the environment, and rising temperatures and humidity significantly reduce ozone production and concentration, affecting treatment effectiveness. Comprehensively evaluate price and performance at the time of purchase.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce a portable ozone generator that meets the standards, and Guangzhou Deposon Electric Co., Ltd. conducts connection tests many times before shipping the portable ozone generator to guarantee the quality pass rate. did. If you are in the portable ozone generator business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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