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Coronavirus ‘May Never Go Away,’ a Top W.H.O. Official Warns

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Coronavirus ‘May Never Go Away,’ a Top W.H.O. Official Warns

The epidemic has gone through several months, and some countries are in the process of resuming control after backsliding. A Canadian zoo may send pandas back to China for fear that they will never find their food again.

As the country and businesses reopened, people began to travel cautiously.

With the border blockade, flight suspension and billions of people taking refuge at home, the coronavirus pandemic has completely destroyed the tourism industry and caused huge economic losses.

But as summer approaches in the northern hemisphere, more and more people are worried that regions relying on tourism will miss out their biggest tourism season, and countries and businesses are cautiously beginning to encourage more travel.

Emirates Airlines said Wednesday it would restart Limited passenger flights to nine destinations, including London and Frankfurt, from May 21.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said Germany would work with Austria, France and Switzerland to ease border restrictions from Saturday, with the aim of lifting them completely by June 15.

The European Commission on Wednesday proposed reopening the border closed by the pandemic - before the blockade, cross-border holiday travel is expected to generate 1.3 billion euros ($1.4 billion) in spending by 2020.

The committee's recommendations are not binding and lack of coordination could lead to uncoordinated measures. This may make travel planning difficult and endanger public health.

Some countries, such as the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, have begun experimenting with "tourist bubbles", allowing them to flow within a specific group of countries. The leaders of New Zealand and Australia also agreed to allow travel between the two countries, which have relatively few cases.

Iceland's economy is heavily dependent on tourism and plans to open the border on June 15. According to a government plan released on Tuesday, international travelers must decide on arrival whether to pay for coronavirus testing or stay in quarantine for 14 days.

For some travel dependent companies, travel commitments are not enough. TUI, the world's largest travel company, said it would cut more than 8000 jobs - 10% of its workforce. However, the Hanover based company said it would reopen some of its 400 hotels and resorts in the coming days.

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