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Ozone Water Generator

Our ozone water generation is powered by Blue Diamond Electrolysis (Bluamec) Technology, currently the most advanced way of producing aqueous ozone, or liquid ozone, which is 
far superior to corona discharge and heavy metal electrolysis.

This ozone water unit is a simple and compact system, when connected to power, tap water flows into the input port, ozone water comes out from output port instantly, by just this one device, no need for any other accessories.

Product Details


Water PurificationPharmaceutical  Medical  Laundry

Food Processing  DisinfectionAquacultureAgriculture

Case Study 01: Guangdong Stomatological Hospital

Ozone water generator (1)  Ozone water generator (2)  Ozone water generator (4)  Ozone water generator (3)

Case Study 02: Application in Guangzhou Elegant Digital Dental Clinic

Ozone water generator - Dental disinfection(1)  Ozone water generator - Dental disinfection(2)


  • Equipped with diamond electrodes

  • Compact size

  • Simple system: use water only to create liquid ozone directly, no need for any other materials or accessories

  • No need to blow ozone gas into the water in traditional corona discharge method

  • No risks of ozone gas and NO2 overflow

  • High ozone water concentration: upto 1.5ppm

  • No toxic chemical residues produced during the ozone water generation process

Download the list of bacteria and virus the ozonated water kills


Product Specifications

Ozone Water Unit Liquid Ozone
Model GEN-S01
Colour Silver
Dimension 80 x 50 x 140mm
Net Weight 1kg
Voltage DC 24V
Current 3A
Flow rate 65-500ml/min
O3 Water Concentration 1.5ppm
Water Quality Clean tap water
Water Temperature 4-40°C


Stringently Tested and Approved

    Stringently Tested and Approved

Certification of Registration     Certificate of Compliance        Certificate of Compliance      Verification of Conformity

          FDA 2019.pdf                            RoHS Cert..pdf                             CE Cert..pdf                         FCC Cert..pdf

Based on Bluamec, we develop and manufacture devices that produce aqueous ozone – the simplest, safest, most sustainable way to clean and sanitize. Our mission is “reducing chemical pollution, improving quality of life”.



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