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Ozone spray and 75% alcohol disinfection

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Since the Virus outbreak, 75% alcohol or isopropanol spray has been one of our best friends for disinfecting hands after washing them. Effectively kill the virus by destroying the cell wall and eliminating threats. Similarly, ozone water can perform many of the same functions. It is used in hospitals, dental clinics, and the food industry to disinfect water and surfaces. Due to the efficient oxidation rate of ozone, it can take effect within a few seconds without leaving any chemical residues.

This makes Ozone water sprayers an ideal choice for disinfection of bacteria and virus hotbed areas. Some of them are hospitals, senior housing, bottling plants, and central kitchens. Ozone spray is a powerful and safe disinfectant, thanks to the molecular reactivity of ozone and its ability to quickly combine with other molecules. Ozone decomposing particles neutralize biological substances such as bacteria and viruses. This makes it an effective disinfectant and becomes very powerful when injected into water.

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Ozone as a hand sanitizer

The practical benefits of ozone spray

Ozone as a hand sanitizer

Regarding Ozone water sprayers and alcohol sprays used as hand sanitizers, a study of 30 participants found that ozone sprays were more effective than alcohol sprays in neutralizing E. coli sprays. In addition, 20% of participants reported the adverse effects of alcohol disinfectants on the skin, but no one reported the adverse effects of ozone spray.

When considering whether to use 70-80% alcohol spray or ozone spray, the advantage of ozone is that it can act on free radicals and bacterial agents in the air, while alcohol disinfection sprays are not. To effectively fight harmful bacteria and other microorganisms, the surface must be sprayed and wiped. On the other hand, ozone (a type of natural gas) starts to neutralize these substances, whether they are suspended in the air or deposited on the surface.

Due to the lack of critical medical resources and protective equipment during the pandemic, many people are looking for alternative disinfection methods. Recent targeted studies have confirmed that ozone spray can effectively neutralize the virus on the surface area. This is because ozone tries to interact with bacteria and viruses at the molecular level as soon as it comes into contact with them.

The practical benefits of Ozone water sprayers

Our ozone spray bottle is the most advanced Ozone water sprayer on the market. This is because it can produce a higher concentration of ozone and is very convenient to use. Just add tap water and press the charging button, and it will be ready for use in a few minutes.

Ozone disinfection only requires ozone treatment equipment and water, and there is no need to purchase or store large amounts of harmful chemicals or special containers in a specific environment. In addition, a large amount of stored alcohol spray has a flammable risk. Compared with the potential fire hazard in the target environment, this is an important factor to consider.

Finally, in the long run, an Ozone water sprayer can save you money. When using ozone spray as a disinfectant, there is no need to use additional water to cut chemicals, activate the characteristics of the disinfectant, or perform additional rinsing steps. Ultimately, the use of ozone reduced the water consumption of many companies. Compared with disinfection methods that require heating water to a higher temperature, ozone can also kill bacteria at a much lower temperature. It can also help companies reduce their daily energy consumption.

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