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The introduction of ozone-generating module

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Ozone generating module is an air or water purification device, its main role is to use ozone to kill bacteria and filter pollutants. The following is an introduction to the ozone generating module.

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Method of ozone-generating module

The cooling system of the ozone-generating module

ozone generating module and discharge tube

Method of ozone-generating module

The use of high-pressure ionization (or chemical, photochemical reaction), so that part of the oxygen in the air decomposition polymerization into ozone, is the oxygen allotropic transformation process; It can also be obtained by electrolysis. The instability of ozone makes it difficult to achieve bottled storage, generally can only use ozone generating module on-site production, with production. Classification of an ozone-generating module according to the way of ozone generation, ozone generating module mainly has three kinds: one is high voltage discharge type, two is ultraviolet radiation type, three is electrolysis type.

The cooling system of the ozone-generating module

Although the efficiency of the modern ozone generating modules has been significantly improved compared with the traditional products, about 90% of the electric energy is not used to generate ozone but converted into heat. If this part of the heat is not effectively lost, the temperature of the discharge gap of the ozone-generating module will continue to rise and even exceed the designed operating temperature. High temperature is not conducive to the generation of ozone but conducive to the decomposition of ozone, resulting in the decline of ozone production and concentration. When the cooling water temperature exceeds the system design temperature or the water is insufficient, the system will automatically send an alarm signal.

Ozone generating module and discharge tube

The core technology and equipment of the ozone system is the discharge tube in the generator, which directly affects the operating efficiency and reliability of the equipment. The ozone generating module adopts the design of micro-gap dielectric barrier discharge, which not only greatly improves the efficiency of operation, but also increases the safety and reliability of continuous operation. The technical parameters of the equipment have reached the international advanced level. Because of the micro-gap discharge technology, the operating voltage of the system is reduced to 6-8 kV, which is far lower than the withstand voltage level of the glass tube insulating medium, which effectively avoids the occurrence of dielectric breakdown and short circuit fault, and improves the operational reliability. The modular design method of ozone-generating module discharge unit makes the installation, overhaul, and maintenance of equipment easier. Under the condition of ensuring the quality of the intake air source, the continuous operation of the ozone-generating module discharge unit can be maintained free for up to 5 years.

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