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What are the clinical uses of O3 sanitizer spray?

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The clinical application of O3 sanitizer spray has developed from the initial treatment of colitis and skin gangrene to today's treatment of stroke, rheumatic diseases, joint diseases, intervertebral disc herniation, anti-free radicals and anti-aging, acute and chronic hepatitis, prostatitis, Chronic wounds and vaginitis caused by pressure ulcers are mainly reflected in the following aspects in terms of therapeutic effects, operation techniques, and promotion and application.

Here is the content list:

  • Treating Disc Herniation

  • Treat the viral liver disease

  • Treatment of ischemia and hypoxia

Treating Disc Herniation

It is the most widely used clinically, and the technology is relatively mature in the treatment of cervical and lumbar disc herniation. At present, percutaneous laser vaporization decompression combined with O3 sanitizer spray interventional therapy is generally used. The curved needle technique is used under local anesthesia. During laser vaporization, the position of the needle tip is continuously adjusted until it reaches the ideal position. The laser fiber is inserted and vaporized two times, after vaporization, inject a certain concentration (50μg/mL) of O3 sanitizer spray into the intervertebral disc and paravertebral space with a syringe to achieve anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects. It is not easy to relapse after treatment with this method, and it has no side effects on patients. It is a new technology adopted by various hospitals one after.

Treat the viral liver disease

The effect of O3 sanitizer spray in the treatment of acute and chronic viral hepatitis is also significant. Viral hepatitis patients suffer from inflammatory reactions such as edema and degeneration due to viral invasion of liver cells. O3 sanitizer spray is a strong oxidant, which can quickly denature the RNA of the virus and stop the metabolism of bacteria. Therefore, it has an anti-inflammatory effect. Because O3 sanitizer spray also enhances human immunity, induces the production of cytokines, and protects the liver, therefore, O3 sanitizer spray is used in the treatment of viral hepatitis. The research data also shows that O3 sanitizer spray treatment can quickly reduce the transaminase in the patient's body, can reduce jaundice, can also reduce the virus level in the body, and inhibit virus replication. It is a new treatment method with no toxic or side effects. In 2000, an ozone spray bottle was approved for clinical use in Europe for the treatment of viral hepatitis, and in 2004, this technology was approved for clinical treatment in my country.

Treatment of ischemia and hypoxia

Tylicki et al reported that 12 hemodialysis patients with arteriosclerosis complicated with lower extremity arterial thrombosis underwent 9 sessions of hyperbaric O3 sanitizer spray autohemotherapy. As a result, total cholesterol decreased by an average of 8.34%, and low-density lipoprotein decreased by an average of 17.9%. However, there was no significant change in the activity of factor VIII, which indicated that this method did not harm the patient's vascular endothelial system, and the reduction of total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein was beneficial to the improvement of lower extremity arteriosclerosis.

In China, O3 sanitizer spray has been used to treat gynecological infections, such as candidal vaginitis; O3 sanitizer spray water flushing combined with microwave treatment of chronic cervicitis, O3 sanitizer spray autohemotherapy has been applied to patients with bronchial asthma and achieved good curative effect and the use of O3 sanitizer spray for the treatment of wound healing caused by burns, the effect is very significant reports.

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