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  • How much do you know about ozone water equipment?

    Ozone water equipment is used to produce ozone gas (O3) devices. Ozone is easy to decompose and can not be stored. It needs to be made on-site and used on-site (it can be stored for a short time under special circumstances). Therefore, Ozone water equipment is needed in all places that can be used t

  • How much do you know about ozone products-ozone generators?

    How much do you know about ozone products-ozone generators?Ozone products-ozone generators are becoming more and more popular, and ozone products-ozone generators have begun to be used in more and more ways. But how much do you know about ozone products-ozone generators?Here is the content list:1.Oz

  • How do I select an ozone water generator?

    The ozone water generator is a process that converts oxygen into ozone using the principle of high voltage discharge. Ozone is a form of ozone that cannot be decomposed or stored, so an electrolysis ozone generator is used wherever ozone can be used.

  • 5 advantages of the ozone water generator

    The ozone generator system, which is used to produce ozone, has a specific gas production capacity that varies from product to product and which companies need to purchase according to their space requirements.

  • Why use ozone cleaner spray to clean clothes

    In our daily life, we do laundry every day. Whether it’s hand-washed or machine-washed, we all think clothes are clean after washing. Now let's see if the clothes are really clean after washing. Especially intimate clothing, do you know how much potential harm is to our health if not washed

  • What are the clinical uses of O3 sanitizer spray?

    The clinical application of O3 sanitizer spray has developed from the initial treatment of colitis and skin gangrene to today's treatment of stroke, rheumatic diseases, joint diseases, intervertebral disc herniation, anti-free radicals and anti-aging, acute and chronic hepatitis, prostatitis, Chroni

  • Advantages of ozone cleaner spray for laundry

    For housewives, washing clothes is often a very troublesome thing. There is no way to deal with dirty stains and other stains on clothes. Ozone cleaner spray can be used to clean clothes. What does it do? The following are the advantages of ozone cleaner spray laundry, I hope it can help you.

  • What are the uses of ozone cleaner spray?

    The ozone cleaner spray is an internationally recognized broad-spectrum high-efficiency bactericide. The sterilization effect is 300-6000 times that of chlorine. It can kill bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses, fungi, etc. in a few seconds.

  • What are the advantages of O3 sanitizer spray?

    The epidemic has been repeated in the past two years, so we often see medical staff disinfecting everywhere. After all, disinfection is an effective way to cut off the infection of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is very important to use the O3 sanitizer spray in an O3 spray bottle to completely

  • What are the functions of ozone cleaner spray?

    The vegetables and fruits we eat every day are an important source of nutrition for our human body, but regular consumption of vegetables with excessive pesticide residues may be harmful to health, such as inducing chronic diseases and even increasing the risk of cancer.

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