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  • Definition and benefits of the laundry ozone generator

    When it comes to the laundry ozone generator, we may not be familiar with it, but we can understand that it is a tool for disinfection and disinfection, but in fact, disinfection and disinfection is only a small function of the washing machine ozone generator. It is widely used in food, drug, and co

  • Basic information about the laundry ozone generator

    The washing machine ozone generator generates ozone, usually by electrolysis of pure water. These generators produce high concentrations of ozonated water, are cheap to manufacture, and are simple to use and maintain. However, the range of applications is limited by the inability to produce large qu

  • Why we need the ozonated water?

    When we talk about disinfection, what's your first reaction? Is it ultraviolet light, or disinfectant? Or maybe ozonated water. You may be unfamiliar with it, but ozonated water is widely used in all kinds of situations in our lives, very effective. Then, let’s introduce more about ozonated water.He

  • Why use an ozone sanitizing system?

    Ozone sanitizing systems are now widely used all over the world. They are widely used in air purification, fruit and vegetable preservation, environmental resource protection, medical and health, food industry, poultry breeding, and many other aspects. Do you know why ozone sanitizing systems can be

  • Why is ozone sanitizer so popular?

    Ozone sanitizer technology is a disinfection technology invented by German chemist C.F. Shebain in 1840. It was used in the water treatment and disinfection industry in 1856. At present, ozone sanitizers have been widely used in water treatment, air purification, food processing, medical treatment,

  • Why choose an ozone water machine?

    Ozone water machine through the generation of high concentration of ozone water, ozone water has a strong sterilization ability, which can play a role in sterilization, health care, and deodorization.Here is the content list:How does an ozone water machine work?What are the uses of ozone water machi

  • What role can ozonated water for cleaning play in the medical field?

    Ozone is widely used in society because of its excellent bactericidal effect and its safety. In the medical field is no exception, the use of ozonated water for cleaning has helped a lot of patients, to help them clean up wounds, and so on, the effect is significant. If you are interested in ozonate

  • What is the principle of ozone sprayer?

    An ozone spray bottle is an appliance that uses air suction to turn medicines or other liquids into mist and spray them evenly on other objects. It is composed of a compressed air device, a thin tube, and a nozzle.Here is the content list:What is the principle of ozone sprayer?What are the applicati

  • What is the principle of ozone sanitizer?

    Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen, with the same constituent elements, different forms, and very different properties. Its molecular weight is 48, which is heavier than air and easy to settle and diffuse. The most notable feature of ozone is that it does not leave any pollutants after completing its m

  • What is the ozone machine used for?

    The ozone generating module is our usual ozone generator, can be sterilized. Studies show that ozone is a broad spectrum, high I effect, rapid fungicide, ozone generating module it can quickly kill the human and animal pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms. Ozone is a very strong oxidizin

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Based on Bluamec, we develop and manufacture devices that produce aqueous ozone – the simplest, safest, most sustainable way to clean and sanitize. Our mission is “reducing chemical pollution, improving quality of life”.



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