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  • How does the ozone generator work

    How does the ozone generator workYou may have heard of an ozone generator, but you may not know how it works. Ozone generator, or ozone machine, is a device that converts oxygen from various sources, such as ambient air, dry air, or concentrated oxygen into ozone. The ozonator generates ozone (O3) b

  • Ozone Safety

    Ozone SafetyOzone is a non-toxic and safe gas. When the concentration is higher than 1.5ppm, ozone stimulates human respiratory system, Ozone Association formulates safety and health standards: (1ppm = 1mg / m3). International Ozone Association: 0.1ppm, 10 hours exposure. USA: 0.1ppm, exposed for 8

  • Difference between Ozone Gas & Ozone Water

    Difference between Ozone Gas & Ozone Water Ozone gas is a natural oxidant (bactericide), but the gas has no directionality and cannot sterilize the surface of the object.If water is used as a medium and the ozone gas is efficiently dissolved in water, the directionality of the ozone gas can be achie

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