2020 Guangdong "Specialized, Specialized, New" New Product Launch Conference, Deposon Blue Diamond New Product Stunning Appearance

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 2020 Guangdong "Specialized, Specialized, New" New Product Launch Conference, Deposon Blue Diamond New Product Stunning Appearance

On November 24th, the 2020 "Specialized, Special and New" New Product Launch Conference (Winter) hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and undertaken by the Guangdong Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Development Promotion Association was officially launched on the whole network, following the summer and autumn conferences. After this year, the last "Made in Guangdong" new product show. Through multi-level screening, 20 corporate representatives from the five major fields of high-end equipment manufacturing, emerging information industries, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, and biomedicine made their debut with new products, once again demonstrating the strong strength of "Made in Guangdong". The conference was broadcast live simultaneously on 8 platforms including Xinhua News Agency, CCTV News+, Nanfang+, and NetEase, attracting more than 1.05 million views.

Guangzhou Deposon Electric Co., Ltd., as one of the new materials companies that have been shortlisted successfully, brought its new hard-core high-tech product "Blue Diamond Dental Waterline Sterilizer" to a high-profile presentation. Against the backdrop of a severe global epidemic, disinfection products have become hard currency. In particular, the impact of new disinfection technologies on epidemic prevention and control has become a hot topic of discussion. Deposon has also been the focus of public attention in recent times.

The dental unit is a comprehensive dental treatment table. Because it needs to provide water for treatment handpiece, three-purpose guns, spittoons, etc., the internal waterlines of the dental unit are dense. Due to various factors in the dental diagnosis and treatment environment, the internal waterline pollution of the dental unit is inevitably caused, such as the high-speed operation of the treatment handpiece. When it stops working, it will suck back due to the negative pressure, which may cause the saliva and droplets of the oral patient. Or blood and bacteria are sucked back into the dental unit waterline, and various pollutants will accumulate on the waterline pipe wall to form a biofilm. The contaminated waterline is likely to cause the risk of cross-infection to the next patient, and it is also a kind of medical staff. Occupational exposure. Traditional dental unit water disinfection methods are either time-consuming and labor-intensive, or corrode the internal structure of the machine, or even cause harm to the human body, let alone synchronous online disinfection. At present, some provinces and regions in China have successively issued the "Technical Specifications for Waterline Disinfection of Comprehensive Dental Treatment Units", and the market urgently needs a new product that can solve the pain points of the industry. Deposon Bluamec core technology, with the unique CVD conductive nano blue diamond material as the core, has successfully developed a new generation of zero-addition instant disinfection technology in the field of disinfection applications, and has obtained a number of patents. Blue diamond dental unit waterline disinfection has the following characteristics: 1. Use water as the material, without any chemical additives, disinfect with water, no irritating smell; 2. Instantaneous high-efficiency, 99.9% sterilization per second, effectively remove biofilm and inhibit biofilm regeneration; 3. Green and no trace, safe and environmentally friendly, no residue, natural degradation in a few minutes, non-toxic at the entrance; 4. Continuous work, real-time online disinfection after startup, greatly reducing the burden of clinical work.


This time, it was shortlisted for the "Specialized, Specialized, Special and New" product library of Guangdong Province, which reflects the government and consumers' recognition of Deposon's new technology products. In the future, Deposon will continue to increase R&D investment, continue to create more good products that serve the people's livelihood and benefit the society, and strive to develop the "Blue Diamond Core " into an internationally leading "Chinese Core" with independent intellectual property rights.



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