Provides a full range of disinfection solutions 
for preventing fungi
Preventing Fungi

Sanitizing Is Crucial

Ever since Janurary 2020, more than 800 Bluamec ozone water systems served in the most serious hospitals and infected communities, including Hankou hospital in Wuhan, China. Medical staff there used ozone spray for daily personal protection, especially to protect the skin on face after long time wearing facial mask. They also used the disinfection system to rinse and sanitize their eye-protecting goggles. None of them were infected after the long battle.
A 10L/min Bluamec ozone water system in Hankou Hospital, Wuhan, China
As a social responsibility, we donated over two million RMB(USD300,000)worth of products to hospitals and communities so far.
Advantage of Bluamec in Preventing Fungi

Only WATER is needed
Kills fungi, bacteria and pathogen 99.99% in seconds
No waiting time, ready on demand
No chemical additive, environmentally friendly
Without any harmful residual, revert to normal water in 20 mins
Rechargeable and will not expire
Comparison of Bluamec and Other Disinfectant
  Alcohol Bleach Bluamec
Source material C2H6O NaClO H2O (water)
Chemical component Y Y N
Flammable Y N N
Toxic N Y N
Corrosive N Y N
Harmful to Skin N Y N
Penetrating Odor Y Y N
Consumable Y Y N
Expired Y Y N
The following products can be applied to preventing fungi
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