Ozone Sanitizing Spray Bottle

Our patented technology allows you to create a sanitizer - aqueous ozone, from water itself, as an alternative to traditional sanitizers and cleaners. Simply fill with common tap water, press the power button, and the spray bottle instantly converts the water into a powerful disinfectant - ozone water, for on-demand disinfection anywhere, anytime
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Ozone Sanitizing Spray Bottle

Technologically sterilizing

Enjoy a purified life


1.Use it by just adding water   Adding the tap water

2.No residue  No chemical

3.Non toxic  Green ECO friendly


1.Use it by adding water

No chemical ,No addition

Core patented technology, your quality life ensured freely

2.Effectively killing common germs and fungi

The common bacteria and viruses in our daily life could be effectively killed

The hydroxyl radical, ozone and other strong oxidation radicals

corona virus  

colon bacillus  

staphylococcus aureus

pseudomonas aeruginosa

Sterilizing rate>99.9%

3.ECO friendly

Be degraded to clean water after sterilizing,  with No residue and No pollution

No addition

No residue

No irritation

Witnessing its global strength

The product has been certified by FDA/CE/RoHS/FCC

The invisible danger is threatening our health

Bacteria are ubiquitous

1.Tons of bacteria are hidden in hotel bathroom accessories/personal hygiene products/chairs and desks/door handle in case of disqualified sterilizing.

2.Improper disinfected baby toys/milk bottles/baby stroller would threaten baby’s health.

3.Stuff are liable to be contaminated by bacteria when being exposure to the open air without taking any protective measure.

The healthy life is up to you  

Quickly disinfected by pull the trigger and spraying

Spraying anywhere or anything needed

1.Light and portable

Disinfecting anywhere and at any time

2.Effective Disinfection

Disinfection rate

3.At Fast speed

Disinfect quickly within 30 seconds

4.Odour eliminating

Eliminating unpleasant odour with strong effect

5.Offer protection for your peace of mind

6.Simple operation

Taking care of baby with ease


1.Tricks for baby caring

Cleaning with one spray   safeguarding your baby

Taking good care of baby for growing up   better releasing your baby’s natural instincts

Milk bottles  toys   clothes

2.Hidden treasure for home

Expert for disinfecting object surface

Be ever prepared every season, caring for your family health at any time

Furniture  door handle  home appliances

3.Curbing kitchen germs and virus

Caring for diet safety of your whole family

Kitchen sanitation holds significant powers to each individuals’ physical health

Fruits& vegetables, meat, kitchenware

4. Bathroom disinfecting

Sterilizing and disinfecting while eliminating the odour

Bring safe and comfort by purifying environment,

Toilet bowl wash basin  toiletries

5. Using by just opening in case of camping and having a picnic

Exquisite with special style

No worry about outdoor sanitation, just enjoy yourself by the taking view of the nature

Hand washing  fruits  tableware

6. Portable for travel and tour.

New experience of the light weighted product

Quickly and effectively killing various bacteria hidden in the hotel, making you feel at home

Light in weight   easy to carry   disinfecting with one key

Toiletries   bathroom toilet bowl   tableware

7.Creating a clean office environment

Maintaining a good mood for working

Reducing bacteria transmission and cross infection

Mouse and keyboard  cup  desk & chairs

Flexible and portable  upgraded experience

Machine charging

Please use USB charger, it is fully charged when blue light flashing

Adding water for the machine

Rotate the kettle clockwise and add the tap water, with volume not surpassing the scale


Target the water spraying nozzle at the object surface, press lightly the start button for spray

Disinfecting if needed

Pressing  spraying  disinfecting

USB charging

Type-C  charging port

Ergonomic design

More comfortable when using

Large volume

350ml water storage

Deposon Bluamec

Wide electrochemical window  corrosion resistant     Durable         wide application

Excellent performance, visible quality

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