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  • Ozone water system design

    In the feed water purification process, the aqueous ozone system is generally composed of several parts, such as pre-(pre-)ozone contact oxidation, post-ozone contact oxidation (see ozone process), ozone generation system, ozone gas source, tail gas destruction system, PLC, etc.Here is the content:l

  • The use of an aqueous ozone dispenser

    An aqueous ozone dispenser has a very good disinfection effect, so what is the principle of an ozone disinfection machine? What is the method of use? There are many kinds of ozone disinfection machines for home use, including air ozone disinfection machines, drinking water ozone disinfection machine

  • Water ozone water purifier maintenance and cleaning

    Many people buy an aqueous ozone dispenser and find that they need to be cleaned regularly, but they don't know much about how to clean them, so they think that cleaning and maintenance are a hassle. Let's take a look at the maintenance and cleaning of the aqueous ozone dispenser.Here is the content

  • Ozone water generator in catering and agriculture

    The installation and use of the ozone water generator prevent secondary pollution during use and the unit can also meet environmental standards. Many industries now attach great importance to the choice of equipment and devices. ozone water generator can meet standardized applications and provide co

  • Questions and answers about ozone water generator

    The ozone water generator is currently used in many applications such as sewage treatment, water disinfection, water reuse, fine chemical oxidation, sewage decolorization, food, beverage, pharmaceutical space sterilization, large-scale flue gas desulphurization, and denitrification, deodorization of

  • Use and installation of the ozone water generator

    Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent that quickly removes a wide range of organic substances and pathogens and is widely used in water treatment, medical disinfection, and air disinfection. Ozone is used for disinfection and is decomposed into oxygen without causing secondary pollution. The ozone gen

  • Ozone Concentration and Design Features of the Ozone Water Generator

    The ozone water generator is a device for the production of ozone. Ozone is easily decomposed and cannot be stored, but in special cases, it can be stored for a short period. The ozone generator system is used wherever ozone can be used. ozone water generators are widely used in water, sewage, industrial oxidation, and space sterilization. Here is a look at the ozone concentration and design features of the ozone water generator.

  • Overview of Ozone Water Generator

    The combination of chlorine and ozone is becoming an increasingly popular choice for the centralized treatment of water where ozone is used to degrade organic matter and disinfection, increasing the disinfection capacity without secondary contamination. A small amount of chlorine is added to the water supply line to reduce the amount of chlorine used, reducing side effects while maintaining continuous disinfection capacity. So, let's take a look at the ozone water generator overview.

  • Notes on the Ozone Water Generator

    The ozone generator water purifier​ is used for the preparation of ozone, which means that ozone can be used for sterilization, bleaching, odor removal, and formaldehyde decomposition. The ozone is easy to decompose and cannot be stored, so it needs to be made on site, so any place where ozone can be used needs an ozone water generator.

  • The 133rd China Import and Export Commodity Fair (Canton Fair) grandly opens!

    The 133rd China Import and Export Commodity Fair (Canton Fair) grandly opens! The 133rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) grandly opened on April 15th. As an important channel for China's foreign trade and an important window for opening up to the outside world, the Canton Fair is known as

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