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  • Buying tips for home ozone generators

    Buying tips for home ozone generatorsIn recent years, the effect of home ozone generators used in air and drinking water, clothing disinfection, purification and degradation of pesticides and biochemical hormones in fruits and vegetables, meat has been generally accepted by consumers, and the hot sa

  • Aqueous ozone cleaning used in tableware

    Aqueous ozone cleaning used in tablewareWith the improvement of people's living standards, disinfection cabinets have entered tens of millions of Chinese households. At present, there are many types of disinfection cabinets on the market, and there are mainly three types of disinfection methods, inc

  • Aqueous ozone cleaning in washing clothes

    Aqueous ozone cleaning in washing clothesDaily life is the most widely used field of ozone technology, and its related application products will also become the largest producer in the market among all ozone technology application products. Therefore, this field has also become the most concerned oz

  • Applications for portable ozone generators

    Applications for portable ozone generatorsPortable ozone generators are primarily portable and are suitable for use in families and some hotels. Convenient, easy to use, and cheaper than large portable ozone generators, most people accept it. For example, taking a portable ozone generator as an exam

  • Application of aqueous ozone cleaning on fruits and vegetables

    Application of aqueous ozone cleaning on fruits and vegetablesStudies have shown that ozone is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, and rapid bactericide, which can quickly kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms that cause diseases to humans and animals. The following will introduce y

  • Advantages of using ozone sprayer

    Ozone has excellent characteristics such as oxidation and reducibility, etc. It is widely used in medical, food, sanitation, facility agriculture, and other industries. The negative effects brought by traditional pesticide sterilization and disinfection are seriously harmful to human health. Therefo

  • A new type of ozone sprayer

    At present, the existing ozone sprayer on the market is divided into two categories: knapsack ozone sprayer and hand-pushed ozone sprayer. The backpack-type ozone sprayer is bulky in size but flexible in operation. The hand-pushed type ozone sprayer has low labor intensity and can only be used in th

  • Introduce the cleaning workers to the tips of ozone water cleaning system

    Introduce the cleaning workers to the tips of water ozone cleaning systemCleaners often hesitate to use new cleaning systems, tools or equipment to complete their daily work. We saw the introduction of green cleaning products ten y

  • What are the cleaning benefits of ozone water?

    What are the cleaning benefits of ozone water?According to two new studies entitled "qualification of ozone surface disinfection in water" by the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the ozone water cleaning system can effectively eliminate the colonies of Escherichia coli and Listeria from the ha

  • Application of ozone technology in food industry

    Application of ozone technology in food industryBased on the safety, no residue, and the convenience, applicability, and environmental protection of ozone sterilization technology compared with other food sterilization methods, it has been widely used in the following food fields.1. Sterilization in

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