Blue diamond electrolysis

Blue diamonds

Blue diamonds are the only known diamonds that are conductive in room temperature, due to the presence of a small amount of boron in the crystal matrix. As a conductor and as one kind of electrode materials, blue diamonds are superior to conventional electrodes, such as the largest potential window of all electrode materials (especially in anodic potentials), low background and capacitive currents, reduced fouling compared to other electrodes, mechanical robustness, good biocompatibility, excellent chemical innerness and good stability over time.
The electrochemical window of blue diamond by deposon is nearly two times wider than platinum 

Blue Diamond Electrolysis

Nature blue diamonds by far exceeds the electrochemical performance of normal metal-based electrodes or graphite electrodes, however, such precious and luxury materials are not suitable for industrial applications.
Large area synthetic blue diamonds are grown by deposon, following innovated Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process. With patented Blue Diamond Electrolysis (Bluamec) technology, oxidants such as ozone, atomic oxygen and even hydroxyl radicals can be formed efficiently on diamond electrodes. Bluamec technology is continuing to find numerous electrochemical applications across a diverse range of fields, such as waste water treatment, disinfection, food production, color removal, deodorizing, electrochemical synthesis and so on. The unique “chemical-free” distinguishing feature of Bluamec makes it a promising green engine towards future.
blue diamond by deposon
A blue diamond wafer by deposon: 300mm in diameter
bluamec cell in waste water treatment
A Bluamec Cell in waste water treatment: 1.2m in size

Comparison of Ozone Generation Technology

. UV Ozonation (185nm) Corona discharge (air) Corona discharge (O2) PEM Electrolytic  Bluamec 
Source material Air Air O2 plus 2% N2 Pure water Pure water,
Tap water,
Waste water
Output products O3, O2 O3, O2, NOX O3, O2, NO(little) O3, O2 OH°, O, O3, O2
Without NOx contamination
Without heavy metal contamination
Direct Ozonated water production
Without off gas treatment
Without complicated system
Easy maintenance
Instant High Concentration
Low Voltage and Safety
Good Mobility

Bluamec: High O3 concentration

Bluamec: New Solution to Disinfection

Using water molecules as oxygen source, Bluamec Technology generates a powerful mixture of chemical-free oxidants in water, such as hydroxyl radicals, atomic oxygen and ozone, turning normal water into sanitizer at once. Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is a measurement of sanitizer effectiveness in water.  ORP of different oxidants are:

Harmful fungi, bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms can be killed in seconds due to the high ORP value. Bacillus, one of the most difficult bacteria to kill,which can survive for 20 minutes under high temperature of 120℃,also eliminated by Bluamec ozonated water within 30 seconds. After sanitizing process, thanks to the unstable physical properties of these oxidants, the chemical-free water sanitizer gradually reverts to water again in 20 mins. 

Disinfection mechanism of Bluamec 

Notes of Bluamec Cell

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