Blue Diamond: The"Diamond" of Diamonds
Blue diamonds are one of the most expensive and scarcest diamonds, accounting for less than two in ten thousand (0.02%) natural diamonds. They were formed in the ancient ocean one billion years ago, at depths more than four times that of regular diamonds (660 km below the lower mantle).

Blue diamonds are mysterious and legendary. The Heart of the Ocean in Titanic and the natural blue diamond on Nature's cover in 2018, among others, have attracted worldwide attention.

Blue diamonds are a cutting-edge material with multiple exceptional properties. They are the only diamonds that conduct electricity at room temperature and are therefore hailed as the "ultimate semiconductor material" in the industry.
Bluamec®: China's First Industrialized Blue Diamond Material
Bluamec®, Deposon's lab-grown blue diamond material, is a remarkable achievement of Deposon's R&D team obtained after decades of persistent research.

Bluamec® boasts an exceptional set of attributes, including one of the world's largest growth areas, an extraordinarily wide semiconductor band gap (5.5 EV), an electrochemical window twice as wide as that of platinum, a heat conductivity five times that of copper at room temperature, an impressive hardness ten times that of corundum. Moreover, it excels in wear resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, and many other aspects.
Bluamec® Water Molecular Reconstruction Technology
"Catalyst"for Water Molecular Reconstruction
Bluamec® plays a key role in the water molecular reconstruction process, akin to that of a catalyst.

In addition to the inherent oxygen, the substances generated from water molecular reconstruction also include oxidation-rich groups such as hydroxyl radicals (OHO), trioxides (O3), oxygen atoms (Oo), and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). These groups possess sterilization abilities far superior to those of chlorine-based disinfectants.

Moreover, these oxidation-rich groups have the natural tendency to degrade, reverting to water and oxygen after disinfection, leaving no chemical residues.
ORP of Bluamec® Oxidation-Rich Groups
Oxidation reduction potential (ORP) stands as an important measure for disinfectors’ sterilization efficiency. The higher the ORP, the more effective the sterilization. The ORP of Bluamec® oxidation-rich groups surpasses that of sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, and other disinfectants, making it a more potent sterilization agent.
Bluamec® Disinfection Principle
About Deposon
Guangzhou Deposon Electric Co., Ltd. is a world-leading manufacturer of the fourth - generation "ultimate semiconductor material" – conductive diamonds. It is China's first national high - tech enterprise to bring these diamonds from the laboratory stage to large-scale commercialization.



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