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Advantages of ozone cleaner spray for laundry

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For housewives, washing clothes is often a very troublesome thing. There is no way to deal with dirty stains and other stains on clothes. Ozone cleaner spray can be used to clean clothes. What does it do? The following are the advantages of ozone cleaner spray laundry, I hope it can help you.

Here is the content list:

  • Shorter cycle

  • Ozone cleaner spray has an s bleaching effect

  • Extended linen life

  • Reduce the use of detergents and drift water, reduce ecological pollution

Ozone cleaner spray

Shorter cycle

The sterilization ability of ozone cleaner spray is 150 times that of chlorine, and the sterilization speed is more than 3000 times faster than that of chlorine. Ozone cleaner spray water is an alternative to bleach and most liquid disinfection chemicals. Ozone cleaner spray water is safer than other disinfectants, has no residual poison, and is the most environmentally friendly disinfection tool.

Ozone cleaner spray has a bleaching effect

The ozone cleaner spray is the second strongest oxidant in the world. An appropriate amount of ozone cleaning can produce a strong cleaning ability so that the dirt will be decomposed by the ozone cleaner spray in a short time, it will be separated from the clothing fibers, and the ozone cleaner spray will decompose after being oxidized into oxygen. This oxygen molecule is helping the cleaner to perform better. Therefore, washing clothes with ozone cleaner spray can save up to 40% of the washing powder (or laundry liquid). And it can effectively decompose oil stains and remove oil stains that cannot be removed by ordinary cleaners.

Extended linen life

If the clothes, sheets, bedding, etc. come from the hospital, special disinfection is required. The traditional method is to float and raise the water temperature. The ozone cleaner spray has a powerful bactericidal ability, so ozone cleaning is the most suitable for dealing with such high-risk clothing. It also reduces shrinkage and fiber entanglement without using hot water. Make clothes fibers naturally soft, ozone cleaner spray can increase the oxygen in the washing water, and oxygen can activate a variety of washing powders, bringing a soft effect. Save a lot of chemicals with ozone cleaner spray a softener that naturally softens fabric fibers.

Reduce the use of detergents and drift water, reduce ecological pollution

Most cleaning agents have adverse effects on the ecology, but chlorine will produce carcinogens and pollute the biological chain. European and American countries have proposed or planned to ban it. Use ozone cleaner spray to reduce or discard these chemicals, which can effectively protect the ecological environment. In addition, ozone cleaner spray can reduce the use of washing powder, bleaching water, and softener, and also save the amount of water and time spent in the water. The ozone cleaner spray not only saves water, time, and electricity when washing clothes but also saves a lot of money.

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