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Application of Ozone in daily life

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Application of Ozone in daily life

Ozone is a broad-spectrum and efficient disinfectant with strong oxidation. It has been 500 years since people realized and used ozone. Now, the research on ozone is more mature and its application is more common. In daily life, ozone is widely used.    

First, soak vegetables and fruits with ozone water, which can effectively remove residual pesticides on vegetables and fruits, and make vegetables and fruits more sweet and refreshing. It can also play the role of Active Oxygen Preservation and prolong the storage time of vegetables and fruits.   

Second, low concentration ozone directly into the air, can purify the indoor air, remove smoke and dust, remove odor, sterilization and mildew, but also can remove formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances in newly decorated houses, reduce the harm of second-hand smoke, effectively promote sleep, and play a refreshing effect.    

Third, ozone into the refrigerator, can kill the bacteria and viruses in the refrigerator, remove the peculiar smell in the refrigerator, but also can effectively extend the food preservation period and preserve the nutrients of food.   

Fourth, ozone into the toilet, can purify the air, remove odor, sterilization and disinfection, to avoid mosquito breeding.    

Fifth, ozone can remove the radiation around computers and other electrical appliances, prevent the wardrobe from moldy, and prevent the generation of electrostatic clothing.   

Sixth, ozone can sterilize children's products and toys, and can also be used in personal care, in addition to beriberi, stop wounds, as well as the prevention and treatment of gynecological and anthological diseases.

Note:This information is mainly collected from books, newspapers and magazines as well as relevant internet

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