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Application of ozone in water treatment

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Application of ozone in water treatment


Ozone is widely used. Most applications are related to air or water treatment. The application of ozone in water treatment system has many advantages. The following list shows the various applications of ozone in water treatment.


Municipal drinking water


Ozone has been shown to be effective in a variety of drinking water applications, including disinfection, color removal, iron and manganese reduction, hydrogen sulfide removal, taste and odor reduction, micro pollutant removal and improved filtration and flocculation of drinking water.


Ozone treatment of industrial wastewater


Ozone and advanced oxidation technology can selectively remove pollutants in industrial wastewater and process water, such as cyanide, phenol, color and so on. Ozone can also be used to keep the sump clean and odorless.


Groundwater remediation


Ozone and ozone based advanced oxidation processes can be used for groundwater remediation. It can be applied by in situ chemical oxidation method or pump and treatment method (connected to ozone pump and groundwater treatment). Ozone technology has been successfully used to treat various common groundwater pollutants.


Odor control and removal


Ozone can be used for wastewater odor control and wastewater odor control by oxidizing air pollutants from cities and industrial plants.


Treatment of ozone cooling water tower


Ozone has been widely used in the treatment of cooling water tower. It is a powerful and environmental friendly oxidizing bactericide.


Rainwater collection


Ozone and ultraviolet can be used to treat water from rainwater harvesting applications. Combined with filtration technologies, these technologies can safely handle rainwater for many uses, such as flushing toilets and landscape irrigation.


Application of ozone in food and beverage industry


Ozone generators are used in various applications in food and beverage processing. Ozone, for example, is the main method of treating bottled water.

It is also used in the processing of fruits and vegetables.


Application of ozone in aquaculture


Ozone is used to treat feed water and improve water quality in aquaculture systems, including recirculating aquaculture systems.


Ozone treatment of urban drinking water


There are two applications of ozone in urban sewage treatment: disinfection before sewage discharge and sludge treatment by activated sludge process. In the latter case, sludge treatment can reduce the amount of excess sludge and minimize the phenomenon called bulking. Recently, people are considering the use of ozone to recover municipal wastewater for various uses, including indirect drinking.


Gas phase surface disinfection


Ozone can also be used to disinfect gaseous surfaces. This method may provide a better option for surface treatment using aqueous phase ozone. Due to the high concentration of gas phase, the treatment must be carried out in an enclosed space.

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