Bluamec technology leads the new era of dental unit waterline disinfection

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Bluamec technology leads the new era of dental unit waterline disinfection

dental unit waterline disinfectionO3 disinfection

In recent years, China has launched a number of policies to promote the rapid development of the oral industry, which is accompanied by the oral industry's further attention to medical safety, and dental unit waterline water quality safety is one of the most important issues.

In view of the problem of water pollution in dental unit waterline, the traditional water disinfection methods are mostly regular flushing or using independent water source. Although these two methods can improve the water quality to a certain extent, they cannot fundamentally solve the problem of biofilm pollution.

The global original Bluamec technology created by Deposon Electric Co. Ltd is a new generation of high-tech patented disinfection technology, which creates a clean and sterile water environment for dental unit with Zero chemical method. The blue diamond electrode material has an ultra-wide electrochemical window, which can instantly electrolyze water molecules into high potential strong oxidizing bactericidal factors (groups) containing high concentration of hydroxyl radical (OH0), oxygen atom (O), hydrogen atom (H), active oxygen molecule (O3), etc. the bactericidal rate reaches 99.99% in 5-30 seconds. Relying on the excellent performance of Bluamec electrode material, Deposon dental unit waterline sterilizer performs well, which can not only realize sustainable online disinfection of waterline, effectively remove biofilm and inhibit biofilm regeneration, but also friendly to human body, does not damage oral environment, can effectively assist the treatment of stomatological patients, and eliminate the risk of patients infected with fungi.

By far, it has been more than one year since the clinical research of Deposon dental unit has been carried out jointly with Guangdong Provincial Stomatology Hospital. It is an effective and easy-to-use system, which greatly reduces the burden of clinical work of medical staff. It is highly praised for its green environmental protection, good sterilization effect, high safety, simple installation and convenient maintenance. Based on environmental protection and benefiting the people, Deposon Bluamec technology contributes to the national oral cause.

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Guangzhou Deposon Electric Co., Ltd. is a world-leading manufacturer of the fourth - generation "ultimate semiconductor material" – conductive diamonds. It is China's first national high - tech enterprise to bring these diamonds from the laboratory stage to large-scale commercialization.



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