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Built-in Bluemac sterilization system for dental chair

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Built-in Bluemac sterilization system for dental chair

Background technology:

The pipeline of water unit in dental chair is slender and circuitous, and the water retained in it is easy to form biofilm and complex bacterial envelope on the pipe wall, which causes bacteria to breed the bed and causes great potential safety hazards for medical patients to be infected. At present, water disinfection of water unit is carried out with routine disinfectant solution, and the disinfection effect is poor, and the envelope and biofilm formed on the pipeline of water unit are submerged. There are no ideal preventive measures.

Previously, some researchers proposed a scheme to improve water quality of water source. However, this technical scheme only controls incoming water, and the direct cost is passed on to medical units and patients. Its operation is tedious and ineffective.

At the same time, after water cleaning of the pipeline, fluid retention is easy to occur on its inner wall and bends. Furthermore, due to the tightness of pipeline of water unit and the high content of water and gas in the pipeline, condensate water is likely to occur again on the inner wall of the pipeline, which constitutes the breeding condition of pipeline bacteria.

Ozone Water Generator Solution:

Built-in Bluemac sterilization system, no modification needed, perfect connection with the original water system of the dental chair, easy installation, fit all the dental chair on the market.

Direct supply of tap water/pure water, economic and environmental protection, Zero chemical addition, Zero chemical residue.

Oral disinfection and mouthwash of patients

Disinfection of environmental surface in diagnostic room

Adaptive design of flow concentration to meet the needs of various disinfection scenarios at any time

Instant sterilization on start-up, no consumables, no waiting, time-saving and labor-saving

Based on Bluamec, we develop and manufacture devices that produce aqueous ozone – the simplest, safest, most sustainable way to clean and sanitize. Our mission is “reducing chemical pollution, improving quality of life”.



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