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Composition of ozone sprayer

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Mobile ozone sprayer is mainly composed of the following parts: ozone discharge chamber, lithium battery, air pump, water pump, gas-liquid mixing pump, inverter. The following is a detailed introduction.

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Advantages of Ozone Sprayer Structure

What aspects can ozone sprayer be used for?

Improvements to the ozone sprayer

Advantages of Ozone Sprayer Structure

The ozone sprayer has the advantages of compact structure, three kinds of pump body air pump, water pump, and gas-liquid mixing pump are selected. Among them, the air pump is connected with the dryer and the ozone discharge chamber. The purpose of the air pump and the dryer is to absorb the outside air into the dryer. The dryer of the ozone spray machine is composed of three parts: filter screen, molecular sieve particles, and silica gel. The purpose of connecting the air pump with the discharge chamber of the ozone sprayer is to transport the filtered gas to the air gap of the discharge chamber through the air pump and produce ozone gas continuously through the breakdown of the air by the high voltage electrode. The water pump is connected with the discharge chamber and the spray system, in which the purpose of connecting with the discharge chamber is to transfer the water in the water tank to the cooling water gap in the discharge chamber and cool the discharge chamber circulation. The purpose of the water pump connected with the spray system is to spray the produced ozone water into the crops under pressure through the ozone sprayer, which changes the phenomenon of low ozone concentration and fast decomposition rate produced by the traditional ozone spray equipment.

What aspects can ozone sprayer be used for?

(1) Household disinfection. Open the refrigerator, spray O3 water on it to remove the smell. Spray O3 water on the tray of the microwave oven/ washing machine…

(2) Mosquito bites. Spray ozone sprayer on the tissue/towel, then apply it on the skin for about 5mins.

(3) Pet’s body care. Spray enough O3 water on the hair of the pets. (Instead of shower gel). Spray O3 water to the tissue, then apply it to the infected skin of the pets for at least 1min.Repeat 2-3 times a day.

(4) Facial masking. Spray enough ozonated water on the disposable mask, then apply it on the face for about 10mins.

Improvements to the ozone sprayer

Based on the original ozone sprayer, according to the working principle of an ozone sprayer, analysis of the factors affecting ozone concentration and output, change the traditional air cooling to water cooling, enhance the cooling of the discharge chamber, to further reduce the ozone reducibility. To improve ozone concentration and output, the traditional water pump and air pump are used instead of two pump bodies, and three pump bodies are used at the same time.

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