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Deposon 2020 winter group building activity

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Deposon 2020 winter group building activity

Life is not only in front of us, but also in poetry and distant fields! The work is not only two points and one line, but also the youth league construction that is ready to go! In order to further enhance the communication and exchange among colleagues, enhance the organization cooperation ability and team spirit, the company organized the long-awaited winter outdoor development and team building activities on December 11.

In the early morning, all the staff of the company drove to the Tianlu Lake Forest Park, known as "Guangzhou East lung", to carry out an exciting leap and challenge of outdoor expansion in the jungle. We chose two challenging routes, red and black, which are more difficult. Through climbing, sliding, swimming, crossing, jumping and flying, we crossed all obstacles and finally reached the destination. This route brings together the elements necessary for outdoor exploration, such as high altitude, speed, strength and perseverance, and provides sensory stimulation for participants. It is a sport integrating adventure, sports, entertainment and challenge, which can not only release pressure, tenacious will, but also exercise team spirit. Although it took a lot of energy, we still had a good time. During this period, we encouraged each other and cooperated with each other. Most of our colleagues successfully completed the whole challenge and gained a full sense of achievement and applause!

After a lunch, the group building activities in the afternoon were followed. Under the coach's organization, the team was divided into four groups and carried out the "Hanoi Tower" and "guessing numbers by looking at pictures" and other exciting team cooperation competitions. The team members of each group gave full play to the wisdom of the team members and the leading role of the team leader, and successfully completed various competitions through positive communication, reasonable division of labor and effective cooperation. The team building activities in the afternoon fully reflected the high efficiency and strong executive power of the team, as well as the leadership of the person in charge and the ability of team organization and coordination.

Through one day's outdoor development and team building, the distance between colleagues has been shortened, the will of the team has been honed, and a more upward corporate culture has been created. We will never be able to achieve a win-win situation with all virtues as our guidance!

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