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How does the ozone generator work

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How does the ozone generator work

You may have heard of an ozone generator, but you may not know how it works. Ozone generator, or ozone machine, is a device that converts oxygen from various sources, such as ambient air, dry air, or concentrated oxygen into ozone. The ozonator generates ozone (O3) by adding energy to oxygen molecules (O2), which causes oxygen atoms to separate and temporarily recombine with other oxygen molecules. Ozone is used for water disinfection and air purification. The ozone generator can be a small handheld device or a large industrial model, which can produce hundreds of grams of ozone per hour. The operation of industrial ozone generators is very similar to ambient air devices, except that they require very clean and very dry air or oxygen, and have a specially designed corona battery to produce very high ozone concentration.

The ozonator applies an electric charge to the passing air. It splits some normal oxygen atoms into unstable single atoms, which combine with other oxygen molecules to form ozone.

Once ozone is produced, it reacts with pollutants, bacteria, viruses or molds and decomposes it into less complex (usually less harmful) molecules through a process called oxidation. Ozone that does not react with other molecules will decompose into oxygen over time. Ozone oxidation can eliminate odor and disinfect air, water and other materials. The U.S. Department of agriculture and the U.S. Food and drug administration have even approved its use in food.

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