How much do you know about ozone products-ozone generators?

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Ozone products-ozone generators are becoming more and more popular, and ozone products-ozone generators have begun to be used in more and more ways. But how much do you know about ozone products-ozone generators?

Here is the content list:

1.Ozone products-how to classify ozone generators?

2.How to design ozone products-ozone generator?

3.How to install ozone products-ozone generator?

Ozone products-how to classify ozone generators?

High-voltage discharge ozone generators are divided into the following types:

1. According to the generator's high-voltage electric frequency, there are three types: power frequency (50-60Hz), intermediate frequency (400-1000Hz), and high frequency (>1000Hz). Power frequency generators have withdrawn from the market due to their large size and high power consumption. Medium and high-frequency generators have the advantages of small size, low power consumption, and large ozone output, and are the most commonly used products.

2. According to the gas raw materials used, there are two types: oxygen type and air type. The oxygen type is usually supplied with oxygen from an oxygen cylinder or an oxygen generator. Air type usually uses clean and dry compressed air as raw material. Because ozone is produced by oxygen, and the oxygen content in the air is only 21%, the concentration of ozone produced by the air-type generator is relatively low, and the oxygen purity of the bottled or oxygen generator is above 90%, so the oxygen-type the ozone concentration of the generator is relatively high.

3. According to the cooling method, there are water-cooled and air-cooled. Ozone products-when the ozone generator is working, it will generate a lot of heat energy and needs to be cooled, otherwise, the ozone will be decomposed while being generated due to the high temperature. The water-cooled generator has a good cooling effect, stable operation, no ozone attenuation, and can work continuously for a long time, but the structure is complicated and the cost is slightly higher. The air-cooled cooling effect is not ideal, and ozone attenuation is obvious. High-performance ozone products with stable overall performance-ozone generators are usually water-cooled. Air cooling is generally only used for low- and medium-grade ozone generators with small ozone production. When choosing ozone products-ozone generators, water-cooled ones should be used as much as possible.

4. Divided by dielectric materials, there are common types of quartz tubes (a type of glass), ceramic plates, ceramic tubes, glass tubes, and enamel tubes. Ozone generators made of various dielectric materials are sold on the market, and their performance is different. The low cost and stable performance of glass dielectric are some of the earliest materials used for artificial ozone production, but its mechanical strength is poor. Ceramics are similar to glass, but ceramics are not suitable for processing, especially when used in large-scale ozone generators. Enamel is a new type of dielectric material. The medium and the electrode are integrated with high mechanical strength and high precision machining accuracy. It is widely used in large and medium-sized ozone generators, but the manufacturing cost is relatively high.

How to design an ozone products-ozone generator?

1) Use materials with a high dielectric constant to make electrodes to improve machining accuracy.

2) Improve cooling conditions, adopt water cooling or bipolar cooling.

3) Reduce the dew point of the air source and improve the cleanliness of the air source.

4) Increase the driving frequency of the ozone power supply and reduce power consumption.

5) Adopt intelligent control and re-monitor the operating conditions.

How to install ozone products-ozone generator?

1) Ozone products-The ozone generator must be installed outside the water production workshop and the filling workshop (especially it is strictly prohibited to install in the small and humid water production or filling workshop). Keep the generator working environment ventilated and dry in the air. An exhaust fan must be installed.

2) Ozone products-The installation position of the ozone generator should be 1.2m above the ground, and 1~2m above the water storage tank if possible. The ozone delivery pipeline and the one-way valve must be 1~2m higher than the water storage tank.

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