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How to buy ozone cleaner spray?

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Ozone cleaner spray has a strong sterilization and disinfection effect and can be widely used in sewage treatment and recycling, medical and pharmaceutical hygiene, vegetable aquaculture, and other industries. Therefore, how to choose ozone cleaner spray is also an important issue. When purchasing ozone cleaner spray, you should choose a product of a regular brand, and understand the details of product features and after-sales service. When purchasing, you also need to pay attention to checking the parameters of an ozone cleaner spray, pipe joints, cooling methods, etc. Let's take a look at the purchase knowledge of ozone cleaner spray!

Here is the content list:

  • Choose products that are legitimate and have the best brand reputation.

  • Learn about product features

  • Learn about after-sales service and warranty content

Ozone cleaner spray

Choose products that are legitimate and have the best brand reputation.

The ozone cleaner spray is first listed as a disinfection device in my country. The production and manufacture of such products have strict licensing requirements. Such products without a production license are not allowed to be produced, let alone sold. Products must be tested by relevant government departments and meet certain technical indicators before they can be produced and sold. For example, the detection of "pesticide removal rate" for detoxification of pesticides in fruits and vegetables, the detection of air bacteria content for air purification, etc. Without the corresponding report in this regard, the quality and service guarantee of ozone cleaning cannot be said.

Learn about product features

The oxidizing power of ozone cleaner spray is greater than that of chlorine and chlorine dioxide, and it has a broad spectrum of killing microorganisms. When ozone cleaner spray is used as drinking water disinfection alone, when the contact time is more than 12 minutes, the remaining ozone cleaner spray can achieve a good disinfection effect at 0.3mg/L. However, ozone cleaner spray is easy to decompose, and it is unlikely to remain at the end of a long water distribution system, so chlorine or chloramine needs to be added to keep a certain amount of residual chlorine in the pipe network. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this when purchasing.

Learn about after-sales service and warranty content

The performance of household ozone cleaner spray machines varies greatly, and the good and the bad are mixed. The ozone cleaner spray machine produced by some small workshops does not have any calibration and detection methods, and the process structure is shoddy. It also produces nitrogen oxides while producing ozone cleaner spray, which not only fails to purify and disinfect but pollutes the air instead. cause harm to humans. There are even some products under the guise of Hong Kong and Taiwan, with low quality and high prices to deceive consumers. These products can not talk about good after-sales service and service.

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