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How to choose and install an aquesous ozone system?

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Ozone, whose chemical formula is O3, is also called triatomic oxygen and super oxygen. It is named for its fishy smell and can be reduced to oxygen at room temperature. The specific gravity is larger than oxygen, and it is easily soluble in water and easy to decompose. Since ozone is composed of oxygen molecules carrying an oxygen atom, it is determined that it is only a temporary state. In addition to the oxygen atoms carried by the oxidation, the rest is combined into oxygen to enter a stable state, so there is no secondary pollution of ozone. Do you know the composition and classification of the ozone water system? Next, the classification and composition of the aquesous ozone system will be introduced.

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l What role can the aquesous ozone system play?

l Classification of aquesous ozone system

l How to choose an aquesous ozone system?

What role can the aquesous ozone system play?

The aquesous ozone system uses air or oxygen-containing low concentrations of ozone. The main process facilities are composed of ozone generators and gas-water contact equipment. The aquesous ozone system method is mainly used for water disinfection, removal of water, cyanide, and other pollutants, water decolorization, removal of metal ions such as iron and manganese in water, and removal of peculiar smells and odors.

Classification of aquesous ozone system

The aquesous ozone system equipment is composed of a raw gas device, an ozone generating device, a cooling device, a power supply, and a control device, etc. Ozone is when oxygen molecules pass through a high-voltage discharge area, they are ionized by a high-potential electric field and become oxygen atoms. An oxygen atom and an oxygen molecule recombine to form O3 (ozone). Due to the influence of the water quality and the diffusion device, it is difficult to absorb 100% of the ozone entering the contact pool, and the exhaust gas still contains a certain amount of residual ozone. Because ozone is harmful to human health and pollutes the environment, the exhaust gas discharged from the contact pool must be treated

How to choose an aquesous ozone system?

The main contents of The aquesous ozone system installation are welding, cleaning, and strength and air tightness tests. The welding method should be argon tungsten arc welding with a V-shaped groove. The argon gas integral shall not be less than 99.96%. The pipe must be filled with inert gas during the welding process. A small particle in the oxygen pipeline ignites the grease residue in the pipeline when it is moving, causing the pipeline to explode. Therefore, all impurities in the ozone system pipeline must be cleaned. The strength test pressure is 1.5 times the working pressure. The airtightness test pressure is equal to the working pressure. The medium used in the strength and air tightness test should be clean, dry, oil-free air, N2, O2, or other inert gases. The strength test should be free of deformation and leakage. The debugging content mainly includes ozone generation, energy consumption, oxygen consumption, and PLC operating conditions, etc. The test parameters should be made into corresponding tables in advance.

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