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How to install the ozone cleaning system?

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The ozone system is mainly composed of an ozone generation system, ozone source system, cooling water system, ozone dosing system, exhaust gas destruction system, system control, etc., which is mainly used for advanced water treatment. The main component of air purification is a simple ozone generator. How to assemble an ozone cleaning system?

Here is the content list:

l The welding of the ozone cleaning system

l The cleaning of the ozone cleaning system

l How to maintain the ozone cleaning system?

The welding of the ozone cleaning system

The welding method of the ozone cleaning system shall be tungsten argon arc welding and V-groove shall be opened. The volume fraction of argon shall not be less than 99.96%. The pipeline must be filled with inert gas during welding.

10%~30% X-ray inspection shall be carried out for welds. If a weld defect is found in the spot check, the adjacent weld shall be inspected; If the inspection is still unqualified, all welds shall be inspected by flaw detection. Any weld shall not be reworked more than twice.

The qualified welds shall be pickled and passivated to prevent corrosion. The welding site of the ozone cleaning system shall be free of dust, oil vapor, and good ventilation. The working area of stainless steel and carbon steel must be separated.

The cleaning of the ozone cleaning system

When a small particle in the oxygen pipeline moves, it will ignite the grease residue in the pipeline and cause the pipeline explosion. Therefore, all impurities in the pipeline of the ozone cleaning system must be cleaned.

The cleaning site should be free of dust, oil, and steam, and well ventilated. Generally, 99.8% ethanol is used as a cleaning agent, and chloride cleaning agent is not allowed, because the residual chloride will affect the normal operation of the ozone cleaning system.

When cleaning, seal one end of the pipe and pour in the detergent. When the grease is completely dissolved, pour out the detergent. Blow the inner wall of the pipe with oil-free, dry air or other inert gas to remove the solvent and solid particles. After that, the apparent inspection was carried out under ultraviolet light (wavelength 320-380 nm), and the fluorescence of hydrocarbon was not allowed. The pipes that have been cleaned and qualified shall be sealed at both ends, numbered and orderly placed in clean and dry rooms.

How to maintain the ozone cleaning system?

1. Cleaning and replacement of fan dust filter: during use, due to dust in the air, the dust filter of the machine cooling fan should be cleaned/replaced regularly. Irregular cleaning will lead to poor heat dissipation of the machine.

2. Water vapor removal of high-voltage components: in wet weather, wipe the water vapor on the high-voltage package, high-voltage connecting line and high-voltage terminal post of ozone tube with a dry cloth regularly, and then dry the residual water vapor with an electric hairdryer; Otherwise, it is easy to cause high voltage discharge arcing damage to components.

3. The molecular sieve in the oxygen machine belongs to consumables. Generally, it needs to be replaced when the oxygen purity is not enough.

4. Cleaning and replacement of ozone tube electrode and inner wall: in the process of use, because there are trace fine particles in the air source, the particles will be adsorbed on the inner wall and electrode of the ozone tube, and the accumulation to a certain extent will seriously affect the amount of ozone and the quality of ozone gas, so it is necessary to clean and replace the ozone tube electrode and inner wall regularly.

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