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How to use ozone cleaner spray safely

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Ozone cleaner spray is often used for water disinfection and air ozonation, as an antimicrobial agent, water disinfectant, and wastewater treatment agent. In the chemical industry, ozone cleaner spray is often used as a strong oxidant.

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  • Packaging and Shipping of ozone cleaner spray

  • Storage and use of ozone cleaner spray

Ozone cleaner spray

Packaging and Shipping of ozone cleaner spray

The package of ozone cleaner spray should be affixed with chemical safety labels, and the preparation of labels should comply with the national standard "Regulations on Preparation of Chemical Safety Labels". During transportation, the safety helmet on the cylinder must be worn when transporting in a cylinder. The cylinders are generally placed flat, and the mouths of the cylinders should be in the same direction, and should not cross; the height should not exceed the guardrail and fixed with triangular wooden pads to prevent rolling. It is strictly forbidden to transport in combination with inflammable and explosive materials, reducing agents, edible chemicals, etc. When handling ozone cleaner spray, it should be lightly loaded and unloaded to prevent damage to packaging and containers. The vehicle shall have complete procedures and documents during transportation, and shall meet the safety requirements of national standards or laws and regulations; transportation and escort personnel shall carry out corresponding professional technology, safety knowledge, and emergency rescue training, and must understand the nature of the dangerous goods carried and the occurrence of accidents. Emergency measures are equipped with necessary emergency treatment equipment and protective equipment. It should be transported in the morning and evening in summer to prevent sunlight exposure. When transporting by road, it is necessary to drive according to the prescribed route, and it is forbidden to stay in residential areas and densely populated areas. It is strictly prohibited to slip away during railway transportation.

Storage and use of ozone cleaner spray

Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. It should be stored separately from inflammable or combustibles, reducing agents, etc., and should not be stored together. Storage areas should be equipped with emergency release equipment. Ozone cleaning has been widely used in the following fields: disinfection and washing of food utensils and cooking utensils in the catering industry, disinfection and washing of bottles and utensils in the beverage industry, improvement and treatment of river water sources in the aquaculture industry, indoor air purification (especially in confined spaces such as car and ship warehouses), and household cleaning. Cleaning of pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits, cleaning of the room environment, treatment of drinking water quality, oxygen inhalation for health care, beauty, etc. When ozone cleaner spray is used as a disinfectant, disinfection personnel should pay attention to personal protection. First, avoid inhalation and ingestion, wear masks, goggles, and rubber gloves to avoid damage to the skin, and wear protective clothing; then the clothing used for disinfection should be Washing alone; finally, prohibit eating, drinking, and smoking during work; wash hands with soap and water after work.

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