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Knapsack electric ozone sprayer

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The knapsack electric ozone sprayer is a new type of plant protection equipment. It uses clean water as raw material and produces ozone functional water through the action of an ozone sprayer, which can be used to prevent and control a variety of diseases and insect pests. This paper introduces the mechanism, working principle, and application of ozone sprayer, as well as the advantages of preventing and controlling diseases and insect pests. It is expected that this new type of ozone sprayer can replace pesticides to prevent and control diseases and insect pests, carry out the whole process of vegetable production care and realize the pollution-free vegetable production mode.

Here is the content list:

l Pack-type electric ozone function water sprayer for use

l Scope of use of ozone function water sprayer

l Advantages of ozone function water sprayer for prevention and control of pests and diseases

Pack-type electric ozone function water sprayer for use

Ozone sprayers use ozone strong oxidation characteristics, in the prevention and control of plant fungi, bacteria, viruses have an important role, when using the first open the top of the water tank, to add water to the water tank, water reaches 2/3 of the water tank, water pH value between 6~8. Ozone in acid solution photolysis speed is slow, prolong the time of oxidation, add the appropriate amount of vinegar after adding water, with P H test paper detection between 4 ~ 6, cover the lid. Turn on the power switch, and the ozone generator inside the ozone sprayer starts to work. After 8 ~ 10 minutes, it can be sprayed for use.

Scope of use of ozone function water sprayer

For use in the facility, the ozone sprayers are mainly leafy vegetables, cigars, root vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, and melons, and fruits. Applicable plant diseases and insect pests: fungal diseases, such as cucumber (mold, downy mildew, powdery mildew), tomato (gray mold, leaf mildew, and late blight, early blight, anthracnose, stem JiFuBing) and greenhouse whitefly, leaf flies, such as aphids, leek maggots, such as the effect of prevention and cure of diseases and pests, at the same time has a good killing effect on eggs, can achieve the effect of insect pest suppression.

Advantages of ozone function water sprayer for prevention and control of pests and diseases

Ozone sprayer is safe, efficient, and low cost. Ozone can prevent and control a variety of diseases and pests at the same time and has the advantage of low cost. Compared with spraying pesticide, spraying ozone water is more convenient, efficient, and safe, which can greatly reduce the use of pesticide, thus reducing the cost of drug use, and can be promoted in production. Ozone sprayers can improve quality and yield. Ozone sprayers use high voltage electrical discharge to produce ozone and also produce nitrogen oxides, which can be used as a nitrogen fertilizer for plants. Ozone functional water has a broad-spectrum, high efficiency, rapidity, environmental protection and green ", which can improve the environmental pollution caused by the abuse of pesticides.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce an ozone sprayer that meets the standards Guangzhou Deposon Electric Co., Ltd. conducts many tests on ozone sprayers for connection before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the ozone sprayer business, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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