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Method of making ozone generating module

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As people provide security awareness of hygiene, ozone for disinfection gas has been used in the family and other public places, because disinfection, ozone can be directly used in the indoor environment also can be mixed with water to produce ozone water, ozone water for almost all of the bacteria have inactivated, so widely applied, and hotel catering enterprises in the daily life, However, in the existing ozone generating module, an ozone generator is generally a monomer structure, that is, only one discharge tube assembly works. If the discharge tube assembly is broken, the ozone generating module will not work, which will cause inconvenience to users. The following is an introduction to the ozone generating module.

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l What is the ozone generating module?

l Technical characteristics of the ozone-generating module

l The ozone generating chamber of the ozone generator

What is the ozone generating module?

The ozone generating module comprises a base, a power supply assembly, a heat sink assembly, and two sets of the discharge tube assembly. Among them, the power component fixed on the base, power components through the high tension line current respectively connected to more than two groups of electrodes and discharge tube components as the place on the radiator component of the ozone generating module, radiator components including the structure of the same two fins fit up and down, every piece of a fin is equipped with two semicircles for a middle cavity, a side piece form a groove, A convex edge is formed on one side, and when the two radiators are closed, the two semicircular accommodating cavities is just the two groups of discharge tube components are fixed in it for positioning, and the grooves on both sides of the pieces and the convex edges are clamped for positioning. Simple structure and convenient installation.

Technical characteristics of the ozone-generating module

One end of the discharge tube assembly is provided with an air inlet, one end is provided with an air outlet, and the inner electrode layer, an air channel, and ozone generating modules are arranged in the middle from the inside to the outside; The air channel is connected with the air inlet and the air outlet, and the discharge of the inner electrode and outer electrode will convert the air into ozone from the air inlet into the air channel and outflow from the air outlet.

The ozone generating chamber of the ozone generator

The ozone generating module is designed into a bucket shape, which solves the problems of large volume, high cost, the low actual output of ozone, high-temperature rise of ozone element, and prolongs the service life of ozone element. The volume of the utility model is smaller than that of the existing ozone generating chamber, thus saving the production materials and making full use of the structural space.

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