Notes on the Ozone Water Generator

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The ozone generator water purifier is used for the preparation of ozone, which means that ozone can be used for sterilization, bleaching, odor removal, and formaldehyde decomposition. The ozone is easy to decompose and cannot be stored, so it needs to be made on site, so any place where ozone can be used needs an ozone water generator.

Here is the content list:

  • What are the considerations for the purchase of an ozone water generator?

  • Introduced the medical ozone water generator application process of seven major considerations.


What are the considerations for the purchase of an ozone water generator?

First, the same volume of ozone generation tube out, the greater the grams of ozone, indicating that the manufacturer's technology is advanced, so the cost is low, and the price is also affordable. Secondly, whether the joint of the ozone generator tube is flame retardant material, the normal should be PTFE, some manufacturers use ordinary plastic, which not only short life but is also very easy to break through. Third, check the cooling method, the degree of heat dissipation is not good, the ozone concentration will be greatly reduced in one or two hours, and the small ozone water generator is particularly obvious. Fourth, we buy an ozone generator system for most of the water treatment sterilization, the choice of aeration is very important, some people think that the organic sub on the line the ozone issued can not be fully dissolved, are wasted. Fifth, everyone in the purchase of ozone water generator, to pay attention to ozone water generator price is reasonable, but also pay attention to the quality of the product whether the product is over, its products can be used for how long, these are the issues that we should pay attention to.

Introduced the medical ozone water generator application process of seven major considerations.

The medical ozone water generator is a very advanced product, but there are still risks due to improper use, poor protection, and replacement of raw materials. Therefore, I will present seven precautions during the application of the equipment: Firstly, medical ozone water generator unit personnel need to be technically trained to start up the machine for maintenance. Secondly, when using an ozone machine for sterilization, it is forbidden for staff to work in an environment with high concentrations of ozone. Third, remember that in the process of equipment maintenance or repair, dealing with the power supply break-off and ozone exhaust can ensure the effective maintenance of personnel. Fourth, if there is an abnormality, please immediately stop the power or inform the experienced personnel for maintenance. Fifth, qualified special grounding wire, safe and reliable grounding, prevent ammonia easy to leak or other risk areas of the device. Sixth, the operator of the medical electrolysis ozone generator should know the application method and be able to operate the disinfection equipment skillfully. Seventh, if ozone leakage occurs, you need to first turn off the medical ozone water generator, open the ventilation equipment for ventilation treatment, and then immediately exit the generator use space, wait for the remaining ozone down to a safe range before entering.

Based on the above, the above points should be noted when using the medical ozone water generator, followed by targeted solutions depending on the specific cause and environmental monitoring of all areas where ozone may be present.

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