Overview of Ozone Water Generator

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The combination of chlorine and ozone is becoming an increasingly popular choice for the centralized treatment of water where ozone is used to degrade organic matter and disinfection, increasing the disinfection capacity without secondary contamination. A small amount of chlorine is added to the water supply line to reduce the amount of chlorine used, reducing side effects while maintaining continuous disinfection capacity. So, let's take a look at the ozone water generator overview.

Here is the content list:

  • What is an ozone water generator?

  • The working principle of the ozone water generator and its basic principles.


What is an ozone water generator?

The ozone water generator is used in a wide range of applications such as drinking water, wastewater, industrial oxidation, food processing and preservation, pharmaceutical synthesis, and space sterilization. Ozone generator water purifier generates ozone gas which can be used directly or mixed with a liquid using a mixing device concerning the reaction. ozone water an ozone generator is a machine that generates ozone. The ozone water generator is an air or water purification device that uses ozone to kill bacteria and filter out contaminants. In the event of a sample leak, the ozone water generator should be switched off at the first opportunity and ventilation should be turned on. ozone water generator has mature technology, stable operation, long service life, large ozone production, and many other points, so ozone water generator is the most widely used in domestic and foreign-related industries. It is the most widely used in the industry. The ozone is made up of an oxygen atom carried by an oxygen molecule, which determines that it is only a temporary state, and the oxygen atoms carried are used up in addition to oxidation, and the remaining ones are combined into a stable state of oxygen.

The working principle of the ozone water generator and its basic principles.

The ozone generator system is a device for producing active oxygen vapor (O3). Ozone water generator uses the basic principle of high voltage charging and discharging to convert co2 into active oxygen. When the high voltage AC reaches 10-15KV, it causes a dark blue arc discharge, where the random higher energy positive ions in the corona discharge dissociate from the O2 molecules and converge into O3 molecules by impact. The production and concentration of activated oxygen vary according to the applied power supply voltage and flow rate.

In addition, activated oxygen is easy to dissolve and cannot be stored, so it needs to be produced on-site and applied on the spot (short-term storage is possible under unique conditions). The activated oxygen vapor produced by the ozone water generator can be used immediately and can also be mixed with liquids for reflection depending on the mixing equipment.

The basic principle of the electrolysis ozone generator plant is to use strong oxidation to dissolve low nitrogen oxides into soluble high state nitrogen oxides, which are then absorbed in the scrubber tower to achieve the removal target. Exhaust gas treatment ozone water generator plants can be used in industrial boilers fuelled by gas, coal, and heavy oil, and in furnaces for the treatment of biological waste, tires, and other industrial waste.

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