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Ozone Concentration and Design Features of the Ozone Water Generator

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The ozone water generator is a device for the production of ozone. Ozone is easily decomposed and cannot be stored, but in special cases, it can be stored for a short period. The ozone generator system is used wherever ozone can be used. ozone water generators are widely used in water, sewage, industrial oxidation, and space sterilization. Here is a look at the ozone concentration and design features of the ozone water generator.

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  • Ozone concentrations and effects of ozone water generators.

  • 10 design features of the ozone water generator.


Ozone concentrations and effects of ozone water generators.

Ozone is a mixture of gases whose concentration is usually expressed in terms of mass and volume ratios. The mass ratio refers to how much ozone is contained in the gas mixture per unit volume and is often expressed in units such as mg/L or g/m3. The volume ratio refers to the volume content or percentage content of ozone per unit volume and is expressed as a percentage such as 2%, 5%, 12%, etc. Ozone concentration is an important indicator of the technical content and performance of the electrolysis ozone generator. The higher the ozone output concentration, the higher the quality under the same operating conditions. The main factors affecting the ozone concentration are the structure and processing precision of the ozone water generator; the cooling method and conditions; the driving voltage and driving frequency; the dielectric material; the oxygen content of the raw gas and the degree of purification and drying. Ozone yield is the amount of ozone produced by the ozone water generator per unit of time; the product of the ozone concentration value and the total volume of gas entering the ozone water generator is the ozone yield; usually expressed in mg/h, g/h, kg/h. The ozone water generator standard states the ozone water generator specifications are expressed and differentiated by ozone yield. The small ozone water generator is expressed in units of g/h and large ozone water generators are expressed in units of kg/h to differentiate between sizes.

10 design features of the ozone water generator.

Firstly, the ozone water generator uses materials with a high dielectric constant for the electrodes, which improves processing accuracy. Secondly, the cooling conditions are improved by using water cooling or bipolar cooling. Thirdly, the dew point of the gas source is reduced to improve the cleanliness of the gas source. Fourthly, the driving frequency of the ozone power supply is increased to reduce power consumption. Fifthly, the ozone generator water purifier is intelligently controlled and the operating conditions are monitored on a rewire basis. Sixth, the use of new frequency conversion power switching circuits and high-frequency inverter power supply, compared with the traditional industrial frequency ozone generator efficiency greatly improved. Seventh, the equipment front air purification treatment system, through a series of dust removal, oil removal lamp process to the ozone discharge chamber to provide qualified raw material gas. Eighth, intelligent safety protection, over-voltage, over-current, module over-temperature, cooling water cut-off lamp fault timely report, delayed shutdown, and other corresponding protection to ensure the safe and stable operation of the ozone system. Ninth, adjustable operating parameters, flexible and convenient to use, automatic discipline operating status, prompting the maintenance cycle, conducive to production management. The tenth is equipped with an ozone tail gas treatment device, which removes excess ozone from the gas through the role of the catalyst so that the ozone tail gas discharged can meet the emission standards.

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