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Ozone Routine Maintenance Precautions

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Ozone cleaner spray consists of three systems of filling, sealing, and inflation, which are specially used for filling and producing ozone cleaner spray products. Ozone cleaning products are widely used in various fields because they are easy to use and easy to operate. Such as personal care products, home care, food, industrial supplies, automotive supplies, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and more. However, the service life of the ozone cleaner spray filling machine is limited, so how to extend the service life is inseparable from daily maintenance and warranty. The daily maintenance and maintenance of the equipment should start from the following points.

Here is the content list:

  • When using ozone cleaner spray, choose the right part.

  • Shake the bottle of ozone cleaner spray before use.

  • ozone cleaner spray should be placed in a cool place.

Ozone cleaner spray

When using ozone cleaner spray, choose the right part.

Generally, the air pressure in the ozone cleaner spray bottle is much higher than the normal atmospheric pressure. When the valve system is opened, the drug will be quickly dispersed into extremely fine particles and sprayed out from the valve. Such high air pressure will cause damage to vital organs such as the eyes and ears. Therefore, when using ozone cleaner spray, it should be aimed at the affected area or the drug administration site while avoiding the above two organs, and keeping it out of the reach of children.

Shake the bottle of ozone cleaner spray before use.

Regardless of the ozone cleaner spray, the distribution of the drug and the propellant in the bottle is uneven after standing for some time, so before using the ozone cleaner spray, shake the bottle upside down a few times to temporarily mix the drug and the propellant evenly. This prevents the risk of not getting the desired amount of medication sprayed out.

ozone cleaner spray should be placed in a cool place.

To make the main medicine content of ozone cleaner spray reach the ideal level, the pressure in the bottle must be higher than the atmospheric pressure, and the medicine bottles are all pressure-resistant containers. But it does not mean that it is safe to put it anywhere. If the ozone spray cleaner spray is placed in a high-temperature environment for a long time, the bottle may absorb too much heat, which will cause the gas to expand rapidly and increase the air pressure. When the pressure in the container exceeds its pressure resistance, the container will explode at any time, and the consequences are quite serious. Therefore, ozone cleaner spray should avoid direct sunlight, and it is forbidden to place it near an open flame. The ideal storage temperature is below 40 degrees Celsius, and it should not be frozen. At the same time, avoid impact. Before using asthma ozone cleaner spray, check whether the valve is normal. If it is damaged, it cannot be used continuously, and a new bottle should be replaced. Wash the plastic shell of the ozone cleaner spray bottle with warm water at least once a week, and put the aluminum can back into the shell after it is completely dry.

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