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Ozone Safety

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Ozone Safety

Ozone is a non-toxic and safe gas. When the concentration is higher than 1.5ppm, ozone stimulates human respiratory system, Ozone Association formulates safety and health standards: (1ppm = 1mg / m3). International Ozone Association: 0.1ppm, 10 hours exposure. USA: 0.1ppm, exposed for 8 hours. Germany, France, Japan and other countries: 0.1ppm, exposed for 10 hours. China: 0.15ppm, 8 hours exposure

When the ozone concentration is 0.02ppm, people with quick sense of smell can detect it, which is called the sensory threshold. When the concentration is 0.15ppm, it is the olfactory critical value, which can be sniffed out by ordinary people, and it is also the hygienic standard point. When the concentration reaches 1-10ppm, it is called the stimulation range, and above 10ppm is the poisoning value.

People's perceived concentration of ozone is only 0.02-0.04 ppm, which has a certain gap with the safe concentration. In the indoor use of ozone to purify the air, smell the smell of ozone has basically reached the role of disinfection. At about 0.02ppm, the air will feel particularly fresh. The freshness in the air after thunderstorm is due to the large amount of ozone and negative ions produced by lightning. Some scientists have concluded that if there is no ozone in nature, human beings will suffer a lot of extra disasters, so the evaluation of ozone is a "God given purifier". Since the "discovery" of ozone, there has been no death accident due to ozone poisoning in the world.

The safe concentration of ozone is 0.1ppm and the industrial hygiene standard is 0.15ppm. The labor protection department stipulates that it is allowed to work for no more than 10 hours under the safe concentration. However, the concentration of ozone that people can smell is generally 0.02ppm, which is far from the safe concentration. Because ozone has strong irritation, people have already avoided it when they feel it is not timely, so poisoning will not appear in the process of use.

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