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Ozone - a natural strong green disinfectant

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Ozone - a natural strong green disinfectant

As a kind of sanitary and disinfectant, ozone has many economic and environmental benefits. The production and application cost is low, safe and reliable. It has good ability to degrade total organic carbon, microorganism and endotoxin. Ozone is also environmentally friendly, eliminating the risk of residual chemicals. Ozone can replace chlorine, hot water and steam. This, in turn, reduces the consumption of chemicals and water and eliminates the energy required to produce hot water and steam.

Ozone has been successfully used in various applications

- Food and beverage manufacturing

- Pharmaceutical manufacturing

- Medical device manufacturing

- Cosmetics manufacturing

- Circuit board manufacturing / coating

- Medical facilities

- University Laboratory

- Biotechnology

- Clean the room

Ozone is a naturally occurring compound in which three oxygen atoms combine to form ozone molecule (O3). Oxygen usually exists in the form of two oxygen atoms (O2). Ozone is formed when ultraviolet (UV) light or discharge energy breaks the double bond of O2 to form a single oxygen atom, and then combines with O2 to form ozone.

Ozone is a powerful oxidant and disinfectant, which can destroy harmful microorganisms and compounds by oxidation. When ozone molecules encounter oxidizable substances, including microorganisms (viruses, molds and bacteria), as well as organic and inorganic materials, oxidation occurs. In these reactions, the unstable third single bond oxygen atom is transferred to the material it contacts, releasing a lot of energy. For microorganisms, rupture of the outer membrane of the cell wall destroys microorganisms or inactivates them by oxidation of genetic material. Oxidation usually hydrolyzes inorganic molecules, makes them insoluble, and removes them by filtration.

Based on Bluamec, we develop and manufacture devices that produce aqueous ozone – the simplest, safest, most sustainable way to clean and sanitize. Our mission is “reducing chemical pollution, improving quality of life”.



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