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Ozone has advantages in water disinfection

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Ozone has advantages in water disinfection

The use of ozone for water disinfection is more advantageous than more traditional methods such as chlorine disinfection or ultraviolet disinfection. First of all, ozone is more effective than any other disinfection treatment in inactivating fungi and bacteria. At the same time, it only needs a little contact time, thus reducing the overall treatment residence time without leaving any chemical residues.

Due to its high oxidation potential, ozone can effectively degrade microorganisms and fungi, resulting in the rupture of cell membrane and the decomposition of bacteria and other basic biomolecules in the body. Ozone can be used to oxidize hydrocarbons in the lipid bilayer of cells to kill polluting microorganisms.

Because of the natural decomposition of ozone in water, there is basically no harmful residue in the use of ozone. Ozone treatment can also prevent the growth of microorganisms, provided that other processes in the disinfection process have successfully reduced particles in the wastewater stream. Ozone is also produced on site and does not need to be transported or treated, thus eliminating complex issues such as safety and environmental issues associated with chemical handling.

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