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Ozone water: an alternative to alcohol and chemical disinfection

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Ozone water: an alternative to alcohol and chemical disinfectionOzone water

In these modern times, people are always looking for quick solutions. But the real question is whether the chosen solution can last a long time? What kind of impact does it have on humans and the environment? Most of us ignore this. But in the current situation, " Have you disinfected your opponent and did you wash your hands correctly? " is an ongoing and ubiquitous question, and it becomes very relevant to consider this. On the other hand, cleaning every corner of our living space has also become a major concern for many of us. In addition, the pandemic has also changed our view of cleaning or disinfecting surrounding surfaces. We have been choosing many technologies to keep ourselves safe and healthy, but whether this technology is sustainable enough is a question that people should always consider.

There are too many products on the market, and choosing the best product from them has become a difficult task. Although most disinfection solutions tend to kill all germs and bacteria on the palm, they also harm our skin with irritating and harmful chemicals, which deprive all essential oils from the skin, causing the skin Dryness, rash, itching, itching. The main skin problems people face today.

But now, due to technological advancement, this view has changed, and mankind has paved the way for almost all vertical fields to find alternatives. Well, this advancement also applies to the cleaning and disinfection industry, in which case the cleaning solutions available now can be used as alternatives that have zero impact on the environment. The only solution is to use ozone water, an ozone aqueous solution.

Ozone water can be made from electrolyzed tap water and is one of the key ingredients used to clean public drinking water supplies. The cleaning solution is not only approved by the authority of the food sector, and can be used for large amounts of meat storage, but it is also safe to clean the meat before cooking or spray the solution before it is ready to be packaged for consumption.

Know the fact that Ozone Water is one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning / disinfecting solutions that people can use in keeping the living space free from the most common microorganisms that can cause various infections and diseases 99.9 %. But why Ozone Water is considered to be the safest of all cleaning solutions, so there are the following facts:

· No residue: When using ozone water to clean the surface, unlike chlorine or alcohol-based cleaners, ozone will decompose into O2 in the water , making it a residue-free solution and harming the environment.  

· Reduce environmental waste: As we all know, the solution is only made of water, ozone water can be produced in the same bottle immediately, thus ensuring the reduction of plastic waste in the environment.  

· Deodorant: Ozone water can actually be used as a deodorant. It can eliminate and prevent any items (such as shoes) from forming unpleasant odors.  

· Safety and health: Since OZONE WATER is only made of electrolyzed water, the solution does not contain harmful and irritating chemicals, so that people can use it safely. This solution can actually help avoid skin, eye and respiratory infections. In fact, the solution can be used to eliminate all the bacteria that exist on the paws and body of pets after a long walk.  

· Ensure food safety: Nothing can protect our food from fungi or bacteria, but OZONE WATER breaks this concept. By spraying ozone water on a large amount of food (such as meat, fish). Food can be kept for a longer period of time and it can also be kept fresh.  

With all the positive effects of this solution, ozone water is a one-time solution for sustainable development. This solution is economical and environmentally friendly, and can keep our loved ones healthy and safe from all the microorganisms and bacteria present in the living space!

Based on Bluamec, we develop and manufacture devices that produce aqueous ozone – the simplest, safest, most sustainable way to clean and sanitize. Our mission is “reducing chemical pollution, improving quality of life”.



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