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Ozone water sprayers: from clean to sustainable development

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Ozone water has a long and highly respected history in the food industry. According to an article published in the journal Food Safety more than 14 years ago, ozone water “has been used as a disinfectant in drinking water since 1893, and as a food preservative in cold meat storage since 1909. Fruit storage in 1939 Yeast and mold growth during the period."

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Background of Ozone water

What is that?

Sustainable connection

Background of Ozone water

Interestingly, the author also uses the term "on-site generation", which is used with great interest in the professional cleaning industry. The term used in the professional cleaning industry often referred to as " Ozone water sprayers ", refers to the production and use of ozone solutions where and when cleaning professionals need it. As of 2016, it is one of the main selling points of this clean technology.

This is because cleaning is very time-consuming. On-site power generation is seen as a way to increase worker productivity, and once realized, it helps reduce cleaning costs.

What is that?

The recently released “timeline” of ozone water shows that ozone was first discovered in 1785 by a Dutch chemist who used electricity to “ignite” the water. Only ten years later, scientists are already experimenting with ozone to purify water.

From there, the current ozone water (because the ozone is in the water) can be poured into the spray bottle.

Although this technology is not new, it will take years and the efforts of many research institutions and manufacturers to make ozone water a practical tool for the professional cleaning industry. It was not until around 2008 that ozone aqueous solutions were introduced into the industry as a substitute for traditional cleaning chemicals and solutions.

Today, it has received considerable attention as an effective and promising alternative to using traditional cleaners. As mentioned earlier, just as the foodservice industry has proven its effectiveness, professional cleaning has also proven its effectiveness. The fact that the solution is currently certified by Greenseal only arouses interest in technology.

Sustainable connection

For the past two decades, green cleaning has been the main driving force in the professional cleaning industry. Stephen Ashkin, now considered the "father of green cleaning", puts forward the first goal of reducing the impact of cleaning on cleaners, construction users, and the environment. As Ashkin might confirm, this is not an easy journey, but the professional cleaning industry is considered one of the most environmentally sensitive and responsible industries in the United States.

Today, the industry is moving towards a new level of sustainable development, and Ozone water sprayerseems to play a leading role. "These technologies help to significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with the manufacturing and disposal of tens of millions of PET bottles, cardboard boxes, and [and] paper and plastic transportation materials," Mr. Ashkin said. "This also helps to reduce greenhouse gases and eliminates the need to further extract the raw materials used to make cleaning solutions."

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