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Ozone water treatment in horticulture maximizes yield

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The horticulture industry needs a lot of high-quality water. The drought and the increased demand for water mean that all the drops are worth it. As more and more water is recycled, there are growing concerns about diseases, chemical pollution, wastewater, and nutrients leaking into groundwater. Ozone sanitizing sprayers alleviate all these concerns.

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l Ecological technology solutions

l Pathogen control

l Ozone and plant health

Ecological technology solutions

Ozone has been used for water disinfection for nearly 100 years. The horticulture industry is now aware of the benefits of Ozone sanitizing sprayers.

Manufacturers rely on ozone treatment to disinfect water, whether it is recycled water or freshwater. Strict wastewater policies have prompted manufacturers to seek the latest alternative treatment methods. More plant pathogens have developed resistance to many traditional fungicides. Due to the use of chemicals, growers have also seen undesirable side effects on plants.

Ozone is a powerful oxidant that can destroy fungi, pathogens, and viruses that cause water-borne diseases. A more powerful disinfectant than chlorine and other chemical alternatives.

Unlike chlorine, ozone is non-toxic and does not produce disinfection by-products (DBP). When ozone dissolves in water, it destroys pathogens and returns oxygen safely. When dissolved in water, it destroys pathogens before returning to oxygen.

The efficacy of ozone

Pathogen control

Farmers have to use fungicides and other disinfectants such as chlorine, peroxides, and ultraviolet light to control pathogens.

Chlorine disinfection is an effective method to fight pathogens, but its residual effects may endanger the life of plants. Concerns about DBP have aroused a strong interest in ozone.

The UV system will kill nearby bacteria, but will not affect pathogens further downstream.

High doses of ozone have residual effects on irrigation water and hydroponics. Studies have shown that Ozone sanitizing sprayers can significantly reduce pathogens in these systems.

Root injury

Ozone is broken down into oxygen, which increases the oxygen content of the roots and promotes plant growth. Tests have shown that even at a high concentration of 1.5 ppm, ozone will not damage the roots or leaves of plants.

Leaf damage

Since gaseous ozone can damage the leaves of plants, we help kiwi growers spray ozone water through an overhead spray. This is a very effective way to prevent Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PSA) from infecting grapevines.


Ozone sanitizing sprayer is safe for phytonutrients. Tests have shown that ozone does not affect the phosphorus or potassium content. Due to the strong oxidation of ozone, iron will precipitate out of the solution in the presence of very high concentrations of ozone.

Ozone and plant health

The solubility of ozone in water is 12 times that of oxygen. Ozone water is decomposed into oxygen, thereby increasing the oxygen content in the water.

This oxygen-rich water promotes plant root development and improves plant health and growth. Beneficial aerobic bacteria also grow in this oxygen-rich environment.

Increasing oxygen means that many diseased plants will recover quickly. Pathogens are also unlikely to obtain healthy plants.

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