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Principle and application of ozone water system

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The Ozone water system allows you to instantly convert tap water into ozonated water at the touch of a button, a more powerful disinfectant than bleach, but without the dangerous odors, fumes, and toxic chemicals. It's safe for the environment and your health - and harmless to your eyes and skin if you accidentally spill.

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How does the ozone water treatment system work?

How is ozone used in the water supply?

What are the applications of ozone water systems for drinking water?

How does the ozone water treatment system work?

An ozone water system requires something called an ozone generator. The ozone generator produces ozone in a way that is very similar to the way the sun produces ozone in the upper atmosphere. The high-intensity ultraviolet lamp inside the ozone generator mimics the ultraviolet light from the sun that produces ozone. When compressed air passes through the UV chamber of the ozone generator, some oxygen is converted to ozone. Ozone can also be produced through chemical and electrolytic reactions.

The ozone that has been produced is then passed into a diffuser that creates bubbles and saturates them with ozone. These ozone saturated bubbles then mix with the water in the water purification tank, causing the weaker oxygen molecules in the ozone to separate and bind to any organic molecules present in the water. When this oxygen molecule attaches to an organic substance, oxidation occurs and the substance becomes something else, resulting in purified, clean drinking water. The above shows how the ozone water system works.

How is ozone used in the water supply?

Ozone is a new and innovative way to completely remove toxins, minerals, metals, and other contaminants from the water supply. The ozone water systems use ozone particles that act as oxidizers to help filter out elements from the water supply. Ozone is highly germicidal; it does not require a long contact time to kill bacteria in general, and it is also highly effective in killing viruses, spores, etc. Ozone disinfection is not affected by ammonia and PH in water, and unlike normal chlorine disinfection has the potential to form compounds. In addition to disinfection, ozone can also oxidize organic matter in water and has good effects on iron removal, manganese removal, odor removal, waste removal, and coloration removal.

What are the applications of ozone water systems for drinking water?

The ozone water system in drinking water applications mainly for the use of ozone disinfection sterilization does not exist any harmful residues (such as chlorine disinfection with carcinogenic halogenated organic substances produced), to improve the quality of drinking water disinfection issues are very effective. Surface water contains a variety of organic and inorganic as well as various bacteria and viruses. Surface water with ozone for a deep treatment basically can reach quality drinking water standards. Experiments have shown that ozone concentration in water at 0.4 ppm can kill all bacteria and viruses in just one minute, and it kills viruses faster than sterilization. The quality of drinking water after deep ozone treatment is very high, which can prevent the growth of microorganisms in the pipeline and protect human health. If you only use UV disinfection sterilization, only through a certain thickness of the water layer, disinfection sterilization is not complete, and ozone can completely solve the problem. If ozone is combined with UV sterilization of drinking water, the effect is better than using any one method alone, but also saves energy.

It is the responsibility of every manufacturer to produce an Ozone water system that meets the standards to ensure the safety of the water supply and the healthy development of the drinking water market. Guangzhou Deposon Electric Co., Ltd. is tested several times before leaving the factory, and the quality pass rate is guaranteed. If you are in the Ozone water system business, you can consider our cost-effective products

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