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The First Technical Competition Held by Deposon

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The First Technical Competition Held by Deposon


On May 28, a technical ability competition was held by production department of Deposon. More than 50 enthusiastic workers joined the competition.


In the process of the competition, the participants are not in a hurry, and each process is completed meticulously. Each member of the group cooperated very tacitly and completed the assembly task quickly and well.


Finally, three strongest groups win. The first group won the championship by 4 seconds, and the leader said that being united, strict, and skilled are the ingredients of success.


After the competition, a simple and grand award ceremony was held in the workshop. General Manager Mr. Zhong and vice general manager Dr. Zhang presented the honorary certificate and bonus to the winners in person. General Manager Mr. Zhong gave full affirmation and praise to the performance of the participants.

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