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The function of ozone in beverage production

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The function of ozone in beverage production

The beverage industry faces a number of economic, social, market and environmental challenges, including rising energy and raw material costs. Declining fresh water supplies and sustainability targets have led to new operational challenges, while increasing concerns about food safety require more rigorous and vigilant factory hygiene procedures.

A new approach to beverage plant sanitation using ozone water has the potential to improve plant sanitation while reducing the consumption of water, energy and conventional chemical disinfectants. This, in turn, improves the labor and capital utilization of the plant, which in turn increases productivity, output, and profitability.

Ozone is approved as a disinfectant for contact with food and food equipment. Ozone is used in the expanding sanitary processes of production, food, beverage and dairy processing. In most sanitary applications in food and beverage plants, ozone gas dissolves into water through a process called mass transfer. Dissolved ozone (usually in concentrations of 0.5 to 2.0 parts per million) is applied to surfaces and wetted areas.

Based on Bluamec, we develop and manufacture devices that produce aqueous ozone – the simplest, safest, most sustainable way to clean and sanitize. Our mission is “reducing chemical pollution, improving quality of life”.



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