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The working principle of the ozone generating module

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Ozone generating module is a process that converts oxygen into ozone by using the principle of high voltage discharge. The high voltage alternating current is added to the high voltage electrode with an insulator and a certain gap between them so that the dry purified air or oxygen can pass through. When the high-voltage alternating current reaches 10-15kV, the blue glow discharge [corona] is generated. The free high-energy ions in the corona dissociate O2 molecules and then polymerize them into O3 molecules by collision. Ozone production and concentration vary with the supply voltage, current, etc. The following is an introduction to the ozone generating module.

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How does an ozone generating module work?

Installation precautions of ozone-generating module

Instructions for the use of ozone-generating modules

How does an ozone generating module work?

Ozone generating module is used to produce ozone gas (O3) devices. Ozone is easy to decompose and can not be stored. It needs to be made on-site and used on-site (it can be stored for a short time under special circumstances). Therefore, ozone-generating modules are needed in all places that can be used to use ozone. Ozone generating modules in drinking water, sewage, industrial oxidation, food processing and preservation, medicine synthesis, space sterilization, and other fields are widely used. Ozone gas produced by the ozone generator can be directly used or can be mixed through the mixing device and liquid reaction.

Installation precautions of ozone-generating module

1. Install the ozone generating module in a dry and spacious place for easy heat dissipation and maintenance;

2. Ensure correct connection of electricity, gas, and water inlet and outlet gas pipelines;

3. The capacity of the line used is in line with the requirements to ensure the elimination of fire hazards;

4, High pressure dangerous, do not wash the equipment with water;

5, Can not be placed near the substation;

6, Away from the high voltage line;

7, The ground should not be wet;

8. There should be a certain space between the equipment and the surrounding area (≥300mm).

Instructions for the use of ozone-generating modules

1, Ozone generating module installation personnel must be through technical training to boot maintenance;

2. When using an ozone machine to sterilize, it is strictly prohibited for staff to work and work in a high concentration of ozone environment;

3, Remember that equipment maintenance or repair when the power supply is broken and the ozone deflated state, can very well ensure the safety of personnel maintenance;

4, In case of any abnormality, please immediately cut off the power or notify professional personnel for maintenance;

5. Qualified special grounding wire, safe and reliable grounding, is forbidden to be installed in the dangerous area where ammonia gas is easy to leak or has the risk of explosion;

6, The process of ozone-generating module application method operators should know, and can skillfully operate the disinfection equipment;

7.In case of ozone leakage, it is necessary to turn off the ozone generator for the first time, and turn on the ventilation equipment for ventilation treatment, and exit the used space of the ozone generating module immediately, and then enter the space until the residual ozone drops to a safe range.

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