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What are the advantages of O3 sanitizer spray?

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The epidemic has been repeated in the past two years, so we often see medical staff disinfecting everywhere. After all, disinfection is an effective way to cut off the infection of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is very important to use the O3 sanitizer spray in an O3 spray bottle to completely disinfect the area with patients. Hospitals are places to treat diseases, but because most of the people who visit the hospital are critically ill patients, their inflammation is at its peak, and harmful bacteria from patients are easily distributed in the air. Therefore, hospitals are also places that are prone to infection. Therefore, the use of O3 sanitizer spray is necessary. So what are the advantages of O3 sanitizer spray?

Here is the content list:

  • Has efficient and rapid sterilization

  • O3 sanitizer spray is a non-polluting disinfectant

Has efficient and rapid sterilization

Cross-infection due to hospital visits has become commonplace. The disinfection of hands and surgical instruments of doctors or nurses before surgery and nursing operations in hospitals is also one of the urgent issues to be solved. O3 sanitizer spray with high efficiency and rapid sterilization is very useful in hospital environment disinfection and preoperative disinfection. O3 sanitizer spray's sterilization and disinfection effect is reflected in its strong oxidizing properties, and it is a globally recognized green broad-spectrum high-efficiency disinfectant. Widely used in drinking water disinfection, and air disinfection in medical and health institutions, O3 sanitizer spray will automatically reduce to oxygen after 30-40 minutes, with no chemical residual secondary pollution. The fields of application include disinfection cabinets, fruit and vegetable detoxification machine, gynecological therapeutic apparatus, food processing, drinking water filling, disinfection equipment, etc. For details, you can check the popular science book information or check online for verification.

O3 sanitizer spray is a non-polluting disinfectant

O3 sanitizer spray sterilization is a bacteriolytic-grade method, with complete sterilization, no residue, and broad-spectrum sterilization can kill bacterial propagules, spores, viruses, fungi, etc., and can destroy botulinum toxin. In addition, O3 sanitizer spray has a killing effect on mold. Due to its poor stability, O3 sanitizer spray will quickly decompose into oxygen or single oxygen atoms, and single oxygen atoms can combine into oxygen molecules without any toxic residues. Therefore, O3 sanitizer spray is a pollution-free disinfectant. O3 sanitizer spray is a gas, which can quickly diffuse into the entire sterilization space, and there is no dead angle for sterilization. The traditional sterilization and disinfection methods, whether it is ultraviolet or chemical fumigation, have shortcomings such as incompleteness, dead ends, heavy workload, residual pollution, or peculiar smell, and may damage human health. Such disinfection with ultraviolet rays has no effect in places where the light cannot be irradiated, and has disadvantages such as recession, weak penetration, and short service life. Chemical fumigation also has shortcomings, such as bacteria and viruses with strong resistance to drugs, the bactericidal effect is not obvious.

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