What are the applications of ozone cleaner spray?

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An ozone cleaner spray is a machine that uses strong oxidizing properties to sterilize. It is mainly used in the cleaning of public business places, hotels, restaurants, fruit and vegetable refrigeration, and air purification in cars and other fields. Compared with ordinary cleaning methods, ozone cleaner spray cleaning has high efficiency. It also has the advantages of strong sterilization, low pollution, etc., but also has problems such as large investment, instability, and corrosion of pipelines. When using an ozone cleaner spray cleaning machine, you need to pay attention to controlling the concentration of ozone cleaner spray. Let me introduce to you the relevant knowledge of ozone cleaner spray cleaning machines.

Here is the content list:

  • Role in public places of business

  • Comprehensive role in hotels and restaurants

  • Fruit and vegetable refrigeration application

Ozone cleaner spray

Role in public places of business

The strong oxidizing properties of ozone cleaner spray can remove toxic substances released by decoration, synthetic boards, and paints, kill bacteria and viruses in the air, kill microorganisms growing in carpets, eliminate cold bacteria, prevent the occurrence of influenza, increase Indoor oxygen content. Ozone cleaner spray has excellent odor removal performance. Strong oxidizing properties can quickly decompose odors and other organic or inorganic substances. The main components of odor are amine R3N, hydrogen sulfide H2S, methyl mercaptan CH2SH, and so on.

Comprehensive role in hotels and restaurants

As my country is in the development period, the environment is polluted seriously, and a large amount of industrial sewage is discharged, which makes it difficult for the quality of drinking water to reach the standard of the World Health Organization (WHO) for direct drinking water. Foreign guests, foreign businessmen, overseas Chinese, and tourists who come to our country are not only the communicators of modern civilization but also some of them are carriers of regional diseases and viruses. Therefore, the use of ozone cleaner spray is necessary.

Fruit and vegetable refrigeration application

In the application of ozone cleaner spray in the storage of vegetables and fruits, in addition to killing or inhibiting the growth of mold and preventing decay, it also has the effect of preventing aging and other preservation. The mechanism is that ozone cleaning can oxidize and decompose the ripening agent-ethylene gas C2H4 breathed out by fruits and vegetables. Ethylene intermediates also have inhibitory effects on microorganisms such as mold. ozone cleaner spray can play a role in sterilization and mildew prevention and rapid decomposition of ethylene to slow down metabolism, delay after-ripening, aging, and rot, and improve the preservation effect together with packaging, refrigeration, modified atmosphere, and other means. The principle of an ozone cleaner spray cleaning machine is to use the high penetrating power of ozone cleaner spray to quickly enter the interior of bacteria and kill bacteria. ozone cleaner spray is not harmful to health, so you don't need to worry about secondary pollution or harmful situations.

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