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What are the functions of ozone cleaner spray?

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The vegetables and fruits we eat every day are an important source of nutrition for our human body, but regular consumption of vegetables with excessive pesticide residues may be harmful to health, such as inducing chronic diseases and even increasing the risk of cancer. To eat healthier, many people will choose to buy an ozone cleaner spray to use at home. People think that using ozone cleaner spray to clean out vegetables is better than hand washing.

Here is the content list:

  • Ozone cleaner spray can break down pesticides, hormones, and toxins

  • Separation of heavy metal ions

  • Freshness and deodorization functions

Ozone cleaner spray

Ozone cleaner spray can break down pesticides, hormones, and toxins

Ozone cleaner spray has strong oxidizing properties, which can rapidly oxidize the molecular chains of pesticides and hormones, and convert pesticides and hormones into stable inorganic compounds; through sterilization and disinfection: The ozone spray cleaner can react with residual organophosphorus or carbamate pesticides in fruits and vegetables, and ozone cleaning has a high effect of removing pesticide residues. Studies have shown that ozone cleaner spray has a strong degradation effect on methamidophos, omethoate, dichlorvos, parathion, and deltamethrin. Methamidophos had the fastest degradation rate, followed by deltamethrin, omethoate, dichlorvos, and parathion. The degradation rate of methamidophos pesticide reached 95%, and the degradation rate of deltamethrin pesticide reached 91.4%. In addition, ozone cleaner spray can also penetrate the plant cell wall, has a certain penetration effect on the skin of vegetables and fruits, and has a better pesticide degradation effect. After ozone cleaner spray treatment, the degradation products of pesticide residues will dissolve in water and can be removed by washing with water.

Separation of heavy metal ions

Ozone cleaner spray is a disinfectant with a good bactericidal effect, with strong oxidizing properties, the oxygen atoms in ozone cleaner spray can oxidize heavy metal ions dissolved in water into non-toxic, non-toxic high-valent compounds, which can be separated by precipitation Out. The single atom in ozone cleaner spray has extremely strong permeability and can rapidly oxidize the cell walls of bacteria and viruses and produce inorganic compounds for sterilization and disinfection purposes.

Freshness and deodorization functions

Vegetables washed with ozone cleaner spray water or vegetables soaked with ozone cleaning can prolong the fresh-keeping period by 2 to 3 times. Ozone cleaner spray gas can remove unpleasant odors. After treatment with ozone cleaner spray, the degradation products of pesticide residues will dissolve in water and can be removed by washing with water.

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