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What are the uses of ozone cleaner spray?

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The ozone cleaner spray is an internationally recognized broad-spectrum high-efficiency bactericide. The sterilization effect is 300-6000 times that of chlorine. It can kill bacteria, bacterial spores, viruses, fungi, etc. in a few seconds. ozone cleaner spray cleaner can remove and kill toxic substances and cells in air, water, and food, remove odor, common Escherichia coli, Streptococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, mold, and other ozone cleaner spray at a certain concentration in the environment for 15 minutes, the killing rate reached more than 99.99%. Therefore, ozone cleaner spray has a wide range of applications in human life, such as intelligent sterilizers, disinfection cabinets, fruit and vegetable detoxification machines, gynecological therapeutic instruments, food processing, drinking water filling, disinfection equipment, etc. It has extremely high performance in sterilization and detoxification.

Here is the content list:

  • Home decoration pollution control and deodorization

  • Detoxification and cleaning of tableware, drinking utensils, tea utensils, and fruits, vegetables, and meat

  • Health care

ozone cleaner spray

Home decoration pollution control and deodorization

The newly renovated room has a large amount of toluene, formaldehyde, and other toxic gases volatilized in the paint and plywood. Using ozone cleaner spray gas can effectively decompose and reduce toxic gases in a short time, thereby reducing the trouble of living after a long time of ventilation. And ozone cleaner spray has the effect of automatically reducing oxygen after 30 minutes, so there will be no secondary pollution by using ozone cleaner spray to treat home decoration pollution.

Detoxification and cleaning of tableware, drinking utensils, tea utensils, and fruits, vegetables, and meat

There are often residual pesticides and fertilizers on the surface of fruits and vegetables. Soak them in ozone cleaner spray for 5-10 minutes, which can effectively remove residual fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics in meat. It is an ideal method to clean and detoxify the above appliances with ozone cleaner spray. Especially for shared dining tea sets, ozone cleaner spray is fully and thoroughly sterilized and disinfected without any chemical residues, which can effectively eliminate concerns about the hygiene of dining tea sets.

Health care

Ozone cleaner spray can kill fungi and mold. Generally, Hong Kong feet and itchy skin, soaking with ozone cleaner spray three times will have obvious effects. Infants and young children suffering from a rash, dermatitis, and prickly heat, often soaking and bathing with ozone cleaning can significantly improve and eliminate the symptoms, soaking clothes, towels, and utensils in ozone cleaner spray water can prevent adults and children from cross-infecting certain diseases. The athlete’s foot treatment with aeration and soaking effect is better.

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