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What is an ozone product-ozone disinfection machine?

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Ozone products-ozone disinfection machines are mainly used for air sterilization and surface sterilization of processing workshops and similar places in the food, drug, cosmetics, and other industries. A machine that uses an ozone generator to produce ozone is called an ozone product-ozone disinfection machine, where ozone is used as a disinfectant. So what exactly is an ozone product-ozone disinfection machine?

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1.Ozone products-how to classify ozone disinfection machines?

2.Ozone products-what are the application areas of ozone disinfection machines?

Ozone products-how to classify ozone disinfection machines?

1. High-pressure discharge ozone disinfection machine

The high-voltage discharge ozone disinfection machine uses a high-voltage current of a certain frequency to create a high-voltage corona electric field, which makes the oxygen molecules in or around the electric field undergo an electrochemical reaction to produce ozone. This ozone product-ozone disinfection machine has the advantages of mature technology, stable work, long service life, large ozone output (single machine can reach 1Kg/h), so it is the most widely used ozone product in related industries at home and abroad-ozone disinfection machine.

2. Ultraviolet ozone disinfection machine

The ultraviolet type ozone disinfection machine uses ultraviolet rays of a specific wavelength (185mm) to irradiate oxygen molecules to decompose the oxygen molecules to produce ozone. Due to the large volume of the ultraviolet lamp, the low ozone output, and the short service life, this kind of ozone product-ozone disinfection machine has a narrow range of use and is commonly used in disinfecting cupboards.

3.Electrolytic ozone disinfection machine

Electrolytic ozone disinfection machines usually generate ozone by electrolyzing pure water. The generator can produce high-concentration ozone water, has low manufacturing cost, and is simple to use and maintain. However, due to the shortcomings that the ozone output cannot be increased, the electrode life is short, and the ozone is not easy to collect, the scope of its use is limited. This ozone product-ozone disinfection machine is only used in some specific small equipment or some specific places and does not have the conditions to replace the high-voltage discharge generator.

Ozone products-what are the application areas of ozone disinfection machines?

1. Public places of enterprises and institutions: corporate sewage treatment, community property companies (cooperation), cinemas, hotels, restaurants, entertainment halls, hair salons, beauty salons, public baths, nursing homes, hospitals, sterile rooms, waiting rooms of stations, sizes Recreation rooms, warehouses, hotels, guest rooms, museums, and other units, on-site disinfection services.

2. Breeding and planting industry: disinfection of cages, utensils, indoor air, and water.

3. Food processing, preservation, and transportation industry: the sterilization rate of grains, poultry eggs, Chinese herbal medicines, meat products, fruits, vegetables, and drinking water is as high as 99%, which is in full compliance with food safety standards. Food, meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, and dry and fresh local products are kept fresh. Put the food, vegetables, and fruits to be processed in a plastic bag and let in gas, and then tighten and seal it. Do not let the gas out, which can extend the freshness period. Note: It is best that the plastic bag has good sealing properties and does not leak air. Effectively keep the fungus for a long time, thereby prolonging the fresh-keeping period of fruit, vegetable, meat, and egg.

4. Industries requiring factory production and processing hygiene: production workshops, packaging workshops, garages, work clothes, etc.

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