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What is ozone water cleaning?

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What is ozone water cleaning?

Different manufacturers have introduced ozone water cleaning systems. However, many people are not very clear about what ozone water cleaning is about. Here are some of the most common questions about ozone water.

What is it?

Ozone water is a powerful oxidant that has proven to be effective in cleaning and eliminating large amounts of bacteria, bacteria and other contaminants on the surface, which helps deodorize and disinfect them. Ozone is made up of three atoms found in the atmosphere. The result of the new technology is that the ozone water can be injected into the water mechanically and poured into the sprayer, just like the traditional clean solution.

Is it safe?

Yes. Ozone water is generally safer than traditional or green cleaning solutions. Users are advised to follow all standard safety measures, including wearing gloves, as with any cleaning solution. Many people then use ozone water to clean the gloves so that they are clean and disinfected for next use.

Is it green?

Some ozone water products are known as "greener than green" and have been certified by leading green certification organizations. In addition, these systems promote sustainability. No boxes, packaging materials, or fuel need to transport ozone water. Ozone is made by one machine.

How long does it last?

After use, water evaporates and ozone is reduced to oxygen. Ozone water does not leave chemical residues on the surface.

How strong is it?

Ozone water is often compared to chlorine bleach because it can be used in many similar disinfection applications. Although it is not an EPA registered disinfectant and should not be used as a substitute for disinfectants, its "killing" rate is comparable to that of most hospital grade disinfectants Although ozone water can be compared to chlorine bleach, it does not corrode the surface like chlorine bleach.)

Where can I use it?

Use ozone water wherever you want to use a cleaning solution: counters, bathroom equipment, floors, "high touch" areas, even carpets.

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