Why use ozone cleaner spray to clean clothes

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In our daily life, we do laundry every day. Whether it’s hand-washed or machine-washed, we all think clothes are clean after washing. Now let's see if the clothes are really clean after washing. Especially intimate clothing, do you know how much potential harm is to our health if not washed, and why use ozone cleaner spray to clean clothes?

Here is the content list:

  • Importance of using ozone cleaner spray

  • Proper use of ozone cleaner spray is good for health

Ozone cleaner spray

Importance of using ozone cleaner spray

ozone cleaner spray disinfection has broad-spectrum and cleaning properties and has a killing effect on pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacterial propagules, bacterial spores, fungi, and mold spores. Underwear and panties are the most personal clothing for women. The cleanliness of underwear and underwear is not only related to the suitability of wearing but also closely related to health. Studies have shown that there are a series of germs in dirty underwear. If the cleaning method is not correct, and if you do not pay attention to sterilization, it may cause gynecological diseases. Therefore, many people choose ozone cleaner spray to clean clothes. Many people directly put their underwear in the washing machine for convenience. This is very wrong, and it is easy to cause secondary pollution with other clothes. In addition, the washing machine itself is a place to hide dirt, and the inner tank and drain pipe of the washing machine adheres to the laundry scum and dander, debris, and stubborn stains from clothing. After using the washing machine for a long time, bacteria will grow. There are a large number of germs such as dark red yeast, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Cryptococcus nails in the tank. If they are not cleaned frequently, they will cause secondary pollution to the washed underwear and increase the probability of people suffering from skin diseases. Therefore, the use of ozone cleaning is necessary.

Proper use of ozone cleaner spray is good for health

Some people say that my underwear is relatively clean by hand washing, and it is also washed with detergent. It should be washed. Many times our clothes are completely unwashed. Nowadays, the pollution of water resources is very serious. If the water is not sterilized, not only will it not kill the bacteria on the underwear, but the micro bacteria in the water will also attach to the underwear. Even with cleaning agents, cleaning agents can only remove a portion of the bacteria. Therefore, there is still a great possibility that the intimate clothing is not washed clean. It is easy to get gynecological diseases for a long time. The hygiene of women's intimate clothing is directly related to women's health, and underwear needs to be replaced more frequently. Some women like to put their inner and outer clothes together and put them in the washing machine for washing; some women like to wash their underwear and socks together. If the underwear is not cleaned properly, it is easy to cross-infect bacteria, which may cause mastitis and vaginitis, and it is easy to hurt body parts. Therefore, the proper use of ozone cleaner spray is beneficial to health.

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